Guide to Wearing Banarasi Silk Sarees as a Modern Woman

Banarasi Sarees are a type of traditional saree that originated in the city of Varanasi in India. These sarees are known for their intricate designs, rich fabrics, and beautiful zari work. The beauty and significance of Banarasi Sarees go beyond their aesthetic appeal and are deeply rooted in the culture and traditions of India.

One of the most significant aspects of Banarasi Sarees is their historical and cultural importance. These sarees have been woven in Varanasi for centuries, and are an integral part of the city's rich cultural heritage. The weaving of Banarasi Sarees is considered to be an art form, and the artisans who weave them are highly skilled and trained in the craft.

The beauty of Banarasi Sarees lies in their rich fabrics and intricate designs. These sarees are usually made from silk or cotton and are adorned with intricate gold or silver zari work. The zari work on these sarees is often inspired by traditional motifs and patterns, such as peacocks, floral designs, and geometric shapes.

Another important aspect of Banarasi Sarees is their significance in Indian weddings and other important occasions. These sarees are often worn by brides during their wedding ceremonies and are considered to be a symbol of elegance, grace, and tradition. Banarasi Sarees are also popular choices for festivals, religious ceremonies, and other important events, and are often passed down from generation to generation as family heirlooms.

The beauty and significance of Banarasi Sarees have also gained recognition on a global scale. These sarees are now popular choices for women around the world who appreciate their beauty and cultural significance. They have been worn by celebrities on red carpets and fashion runways, and have been showcased in fashion shows and exhibitions around the world.

In addition to their aesthetic appeal and cultural significance, Banarasi Sarees also provide economic opportunities for the weavers and artisans who create them. The weaving of Banarasi Sarees is a labour-intensive process, and many weavers rely on this craft as their primary source of income. The demand for Banarasi sarees has also led to the growth of the textile industry in Varanasi, creating employment opportunities for many people in the region. Banarasi sarees are one of the most popular and iconic types of sarees in India. These sarees are known for their intricate designs and rich fabrics, and they are a favourite among women who want to add a touch of traditional elegance to their wardrobes. While they are often associated with traditional and conservative styles, modern women can also wear Banarasi silk sarees in stylish and contemporary ways. Here is a guide to wearing Banarasi silk sarees as a modern woman::

  1. Traditional look :- The most common way to style a Banarasi Saree is to drape it in a traditional way. You can pair it with a blouse that has a matching or contrasting color, and add some traditional jewellery like jhumkas or bangles. This look is perfect for weddings, festivals, and other formal occasions.
  2. Modern twist :- If you want to give your Banarasi Saree a modern twist, you can pair it with a crop top or a shirt instead of a traditional blouse. This look is perfect for young women who want to add a contemporary touch to their traditional attire. While traditional blouses with zari work are a classic choice for Banarasi silk sarees, you can also pair them with modern blouses for a contemporary look. A blouse with cut-out sleeves, an off-shoulder neckline, or a deep back can add a touch of modernity to your saree.
  3. Fusion look :- Another way to style a Banarasi Saree is to mix and match it with different types of garments. You can pair it with a denim jacket, a leather jacket, or even a long coat. This look is perfect for women who want to experiment with different styles and create a unique look.
  4. Belted look :- You can also style your Banarasi Saree with a belt to give it a more structured and modern look. You can choose a belt that matches the color of your saree or go for a contrasting color to create a bold statement.
  5. Layered look :- For a more contemporary look, you can layer your Banarasi saree with a jacket or a shrug. This look is perfect for women who want to add some depth and dimension to their outfits.
  6. Bohemian look :- You can also give your Banarasi saree a bohemian touch by pairing it with some chunky jewellery and a pair of boots. This look is perfect for women who want to add a bit of edge to their traditional attire.
  7. Saree gown :- You can also transform your Banarasi Saree into a saree gown by draping it in a unique way. This look is perfect for women who want to make a statement and stand out from the crowd.
  8. Accessorize with modern jewellery :- While traditional jewellery like jhumkas and bangles are a popular choice for Banarasi silk sarees, you can also accessorize with modern jewellery like statement earrings or layered necklaces. This can give your outfit a contemporary and stylish look.
  9. Experiment with different draping styles :- Banarasi silk sarees can be draped in a variety of ways, and experimenting with different styles can give your outfit a modern twist. For example, you can try draping the saree in a mermaid style, with pleats on one side and a flowy drape on the other. You can also try the half-saree style, where you drape the saree around your waist and wear a crop top or a blouse with it.
  10. Experiment with different footwear :- While traditional juttis or sandals are a popular choice for Banarasi silk sarees, you can also experiment with different footwear to add a modern touch. You can wear sneakers, loafers, or even heels with your saree to give it a unique and modern look.
  11. Keep the makeup minimal :- Banarasi silk sarees are known for their intricate designs and heavy zari, so it is best to keep your makeup minimal and let your saree be the center of attention. A simple yet elegant makeup look with nude lips and soft eyeshadow can complement your saree and give you a modern yet traditional look.

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Author - Aditi Bapna