How to turn handloom sarees into your workwear uniform?

For most of us, the notion of women in boardrooms conjures up visions of stiff, dull-looking suits that are meant to denote power. Luckily, here’s our handloom guide to revert the situation in a flash.

If you are reading this, you love wearing sarees, but you wake up every morning in a constant dilemma of how to use the six-yard drape at work but also denote the same power and assertion as you would in a form-fitting suit. A work week that’s not just full of shirts, trousers, and blazers but also a few relaxed staples can be quite tricky when your wardrobe is entitled to the tiniest bit of freedom. A suit may be the outfit de rigeur, but for a new generation of girl bosses, corporate dressing is being twisted ever so slightly while keeping in mind the traditional codes. Today’s women are looking for more conscious options that promote Indian textiles, crafts, silhouettes, and most importantly, their identity.

At the end of the day, the aim is to come across as assertive and confident. And that’s easily accomplished as long as you keep certain things in mind. Instead of the usual neutrals—the blacks, greys, and beige—that tend to conquer the workspace dress code, branch out for equally appropriate but interesting colours like pastels and ochre. Always remember that you don’t have to go out of the box creatively, but just keep the experimentation to a minimum as you throw on your handlooms. 

To channel the chicest of closets deeply rooted in comfort and craft, we at WeaverStory have edited down four statement handloom sarees to add to your work wardrobe now.

Try a Gossamer Chanderi to beat the Monday Blues:


What makes Chanderi the go-to office uniform—besides being supremely comfortable—is the fact that they are the perfect fodder for every professional’s wardrobe. In the spectrum of dress codes, if you work in the creative field, chances are you have a lot more fun with your choice of clothes and accessories compared to someone who works at a corporate. However, these sarees can be styled to suit everyone. While corporate workers can go a softer route with pastels and small prints, the creatives can colour-block using bright fuchsias and canary yellows.


Our verdict? Instead of opting for your regular suit in a mundane hue, try a handloom Chanderi saree in a bright or pastel shade for a refreshing change. Who you are and what you bring to the table is often judged by how you individualize your look. Make sure to add a hint of your signature accessory by pairing your saree with a timeless watch or a bag that binds the look together.

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Banarasi sarees that will take you from a morning of meetings to after-hours in a split second:


Are you wondering how one wears Banarasi to work? Well, we have just the right styling tip to help you bedazzle from the desk to dine, all while keeping it extremely professional. The best way to channel your Indian gene with just a little bit of fun is way easier than you thought. For a look that says ‘I own the room’, WeaverStory’s range of Mashroo silk Banarasi sarees comes in a garden variety of delicate prints and statement stripes. For a fierce day at work, opt for these handloom Banarasi sarees and pair them up with blazers, shirts, and knitted high-neck tops to explore variety in texture and fabrics. Try some dainty jewellery and a pair of pumps to help you shine in the boardroom and the bar.


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Ikat Patola for Midweek Meetings


If your day at work is looking dull as grey, who said you couldn’t balance it out with a sartorial burst of colours? For bankers, lawyers, architects, and doctors, propriety may be essential, but in time, those boundaries will be tested when it comes to style. Think luscious silk sarees with a riot of colours and textures that aren’t vastly inappropriate but equally fair. WeaverStory’s range of Ikat Patola sarees, made from pure Mulberry silk, is drenched in beautifully handcrafted motifs and details inked in gold and silver-coloured borders. To make sure your managerial prowess isn’t sacrificed, try a sleek bun and a solid peplum top as a blouse to cancel out the bright hues.


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Batik Sarees for the Culturist in you


If you are someone who enjoys exploring rare weaves and techniques from various regions of the country, try investing in an authentic Batik saree from the quaint corners of West Bengal. These sarees are made using the wax-resist dyeing technique and are available in a myriad of colours and patterns, making them a great choice for not just your usual work days but also for office celebrations and pujas. For the throng of women who like to style their values and weave their identity into a strong workwear wardrobe, a classic Batik saree is an ideal choice. We say style it with a tiny bindi and Kolhapuri flats to complete the look.


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Author- Haiqa Siddiqui