Kanjivaram Sarees: The perfect heirloom to leave behind

Quintessential heirloom :

One of India’s hallmarks is its exuberant and diverse textile Industry. Boasting beautiful, embroidered works with different prints and textures, our country offers a lot in terms of clothing. Our clothing is an identifying point on the global stage, and since times immemorial, we’ve been a leading exporter of luxurious fabrics worldwide. The Indian saree is one of the most popular garments in the world, and it takes a different identity as it passes through each state. We have the Baluchari saree, Banarasi silk saree and delicate chiffons. Each of these finds a place on distinct occasions and merges with the history and heritage of the state. However, the queen of sarees, the  Kanjivaram Saree, is the personification of luxury and affluence. The  Kanjivaram saree is a handcrafted wonder that enhances the wearer’s beauty. Worn on the choicest occasions and never known to have been out of vogue, kanjivaram sarees rein the hearts of everyone. 


The Kanjivaram silk saree is worn on special occasions and even presented to Goddesses as an auspicious offering. The Kanjivaram holds such significance that it is even passed down from generation after generation and kept in a treasured manner. Our silk sarees are a hallmark of love, auspice, and divinity. The silk sarees are named after their place of origin. The town of Kancheepuram is situated near Chennai in Tamil Nadu and is fondly referred to as the Silk City. The major economy of Kancheepuram is the handloom industry, and many tourists flock to the town for a glimpse of this tedious process of creating an exquisite  Kanjivaram silk saree. The weavers of the saree settled down about four hundred years ago and have received the world’s awe ever since. The town also has some beautiful temples which give a glimpse of the Pallava Kings, followed by the Cholas and the Vijayanagar Kings. 

Historical evidences of Kanjivaram Silk Sarees :

The origins of the Kanjivaram saree can be seen from a mythological and historical standpoint. The Kanjivaram saree weavers are known to be the descendants of Rishi Markanda, who weaved clothes for the gods! It seems that the Kanjivaram weaves have dazzled even the gods themselves. From a historical standpoint, there are two major weaving communities, namely the Devangas and the Saligars; they migrated from Andhra Pradesh over four hundred years ago to weave clothes for the many ceremonial occasions that took place in the hundreds of intricately carved temples of Kanchipuram. A known belief persists that no wedding is complete without a Kanchipuram or Kanjivaram silk. 

The Kanjivaram Silk Sarees are known for the luxury they exude, and the process of creating one is exquisite too. The silk threads used are Indian mulberry silk which is superior to the other variants of silk threads available. In the olden days, the silk threads were dipped in rice water and dried in the sun before being used on the handloom. A traditional  Kanjivaram silk saree uses silk threads and metallic Zari threads for a beautiful creation. Certain affluent households used Zari in pure gold to be weaved into the saree. This made the saree even more special. Choosing a  Kanjivaram saree can be a difficult task as there are so many vibrant colours, designs, and motifs available. Some common motifs include the celestial bodies like the sun and moon, animals and birds like peacocks and lions and even leaves, mangoes, and coins. 

Interesting weaving technique :

The weaving technique of the Kanjivaram Silk Sarees is unique and different from other silk sarees. A three-shuttle weaving technique is used to create contrasting borders and pallu on the saree. Two weavers sit at the weft ends of the loom to create an exquisite Kanjivaram Korvai saree. A Korvai saree is more expensive than a single coloured Kanjivaram Saree. The  WeaverStory understands the value of creating exquisite threads and mementoes for essential moments in life, and their  Kanjivaram Silk Sarees are a testament to these creations. Basing their weaving techniques on the authentic tradition of creating a Kanjivaram Silk Saree, the WeaverStory propagates the pride of owning an heirloom-quality piece. The Black And Silver Handloom Pure Silk Kanjivaram Saree With Korvai Peacock Border Saree by WeaverStory is a dreamy creation by hardworking weavers This Kanjivaram Korvai is a must-have in all wardrobes and should be cherished with all love and care that one possesses. 


In the earlier days, owning and finding a  Kanjivaram silk saree was tedious; however, with the age of digitalisation, these difficulties have subsided as we can do online saree shopping at the ease of our homes. While purchasing a Kanjivaram silk saree has become easy, the care it needs shouldn’t be skimmed. Let’s look at the care instructions that will enable the saree to live on for many generations. 

  • Never wash your Kanjivaram Silk Saree; the rigorous process can destroy the delicate work on the saree and render it spoilt. It’s always better to take the extra step and get it dry cleaned. 
  • The saree should be folded with great care and love to maintain its exquisite Zari work. The folds should also be changed every three months to retain their shimmering exquisiteness. The saree should also be folded inward to keep the Zari safer. 
  • The Kanjivaram Silk Sarees shouldn’t be stored with other sarees. The perfect way to store this creation is by gently folding it and wrapping it with a muslin cloth. The saree can then be stored with other cotton clothes. It’s important not to store the saree in a plastic bag, and a saree needs to breathe. 
  • The saree should be stored in a dry place which is darker and does not receive any direct sunlight. The sun and moisture can have damaging effects on the saree. The storage should also be free of insects and moths, as they can potentially feed on the saree. However, avoid the usage of naphthalene balls or sprays; instead, use neem leaves and silica gel packets. 
  • As you bring out the saree to change its folds, make sure to air it out in the shade to keep it fresh and vibrant. 
  • Avoid harsh products like perfumes and deodorants as they can damage the saree. Avoid using heavy chemicals like bleach as well. 
  • Caring_for_our_Kanjivaram_silk_sarees_creates_a_strong_bond,_the_saree_absorbs_these_beautiful_emotions,_WeaverStory

    The tips above can keep the saree fresh, vibrant, and whole for many generations. Caring for our Kanjivaram silk sarees creates a strong bond, the saree absorbs these beautiful emotions, and this positivity is passed down from one generation to the other. A Kanjivaram silk saree completes the wardrobe of the wearer, and it fast becomes the most cherished item. Such is the allure of a Kanjivaram silk saree, the queen of all sarees. Find the link below to explore the exclusive collection of handcrafted Kanjivaram Saree from  WeaverStory .https://www.weaverstory.com/collections/kanjivaram-sarees

    Author: Uma Shekhawat