Manjari: An Ode to Summer Block Prints

Manjari - the modern romantics thoughtfully crafted with an artisanal love is a collection of delicate Chanderi and Organza artworks. An ode to the summer sun paving its way through the blossoming gardens, Manjari is a collection of exquisite block prints comprising silhouettes made of breathable fabrics to let you dance through the summer in a breeze. Each Manjari masterpiece adorns an enticing display of miniature paintings and bougainvillea blooms crafted in breathtaking hues of blues, greens, and pinks.

Whether you are on the hunt for a summer-friendly kurta set for women, block print sarees, or merely a dupatta to pair with your salwar suit, this collection has everything that screams a summer vibe. A soothing amalgamation of floral prints, subtle hues, and breathable fabrics—what more could you ask for this summer? If you are still wondering what each Manjari masterpiece looks like, let’s give you a glimpse of one of our finest handloom collections.

Chandramallika: The Unrivalled Beauty of the Chanderi Suit


The magnificent  Chandramallika kurta set is a marvellous work of art, thoughtfully crafted with luxurious, breathable fabrics that are lightweight and highly durable to make your summer breezy, easy, and comfortable. The majestic magenta kurta features a notched neckline, dropped shoulders, loose full sleeves, and a loose straight-line silhouette. The standout element of this sophisticated masterpiece is the intricate, hand-embroidered, lustrous golden Mukkaish work adorned throughout the kurta.

The unrivalled charm of this magenta kurta is further accentuated with a beige Chanderi dupatta. This dupatta is richly decorated with hand-block-printed floral designs on the border and tiny dots throughout the body. The shades of magenta, pink, and green add to the dupatta’s elegance. This enticing ensemble comes with Chanderi trousers. These bottoms are block printed with stripes and adorned with the same floral border as the dupatta to complete the look. This summer suit is a must-have for your stylized wardrobes.

Bahar Saree: The Magnum Opus of Elegance and Artistry


This alluring off-white  Bahar Chanderi saree is a traditional silhouette particularly crafted to blend well in the wardrobes of a modern-day woman. This enticing masterpiece is destined to be handpicked by fashion-forward women with a discerning eye for fashion. The off-white base of the lightweight fabric is adorned with hand-block-printed parallel lines crafted with varied thicknesses and shades of pink. The thick border of the Chanderi saree is richly adorned with an exquisite display of bougainvillea blooms printed in dark pink and green colors. This arresting exhibit of blooming flowers makes the saree appear straight out of the gardens. The border is separated from the body of the saree with a thick green line and a thick dark pink line, which further add to its elegance. This Chanderi saree is truly a testament to time, artistry, and unrivalled aesthetic appeal, worthy of a spot in your heirloom archives.

Neelam: An Amalgamation of Traditions and Modernity


The summer season calls for silhouettes that boast distinguished floral prints and muted colors. When looking for a breezy, lightweight, and extraordinarily appealing outfit to wear,  Neelam would be your best bet. This dress comes in two pieces: a Chanderi jacket and a dress to pair it with. The stunning turquoise jacket has a striking appeal thanks to the hand-block-printed stripes crafted all over it. The open-front jacket has an unrivalled aesthetic appeal that is further enhanced with delicate, hand-embroidered, silver Mukkaish embellishments adorned all through its expanse. The turquoise masterpiece is a long jacket crafted with three-fourth sleeves, making it comfortable to wear and easy to carry. This eye-catching jacket brings a contemporary twist to the subtle, traditional aesthetics of the off-white dress it comes with.

The off-white Chanderi dress is a sleeveless artwork destined to keep you hooked on its aesthetic appeal. The timeless off-white hues of the dress are accentuated with hand-block printed blue and green floral patterns, which add a touch of femininity and elegance to the outfit. While the florals add a whimsical touch to the outfit, the light blue border adds the "extra" to its "extraordinary." This high-quality, impressive staple is a must-have in your everyday wardrobe.

Gulbahar: The Dream of the Heavens


There is nothing more appealing than a comfortable, timeless dress suit that blends well in both traditional and casual settings. A dress suit like this comes as a dream come true during the summer season. The  Gulbahar dress is the one for you if you are looking to make a statement. This masterpiece is fit for all sorts of occasions and settings, including formal, semi-formal, traditional, and casual. The white handloom organza kurta is a lightweight masterpiece richly decorated with delicate, hand-embroidered Mukkaish embellishments all along its expanse. The silver Mukkaish work adds a touch of royalty to the dress.

The Gulbahar kurta is adorned with hand-block printed floral patterns in the hues of green and blue. This sophisticated dress comes with matching straight Chanderi silk pants featuring exquisite organza panels. The sheer elegance of the kurta set is amplified by the off-white organza dupatta it comes with. The subdued tones of white are accentuated with bold additions of pink stripes. The dupatta is also richly decorated with an eye-catching border adorning bougainvillaea blooms throughout in shades of pink and green. This adds a touch of femininity and sophistication to the outfit. This outfit is perfect for everyday wear as well as semi-formal, traditional, or casual settings.

We hope you enjoyed reading through the teasers and trailers of artworks from our exclusive Manjari collection. While these are just a few of the many outfits from our Manjari collection, an exquisite exhibit of summer-friendly, hand-block printed outfits, you can explore many more on our website. Each of the outfits in our collection is made from premium-quality material and handcrafted by brilliant craftsmen.

These summer-friendly outfits are not only lightweight, breathable, and comfortable to wear all day long, but also extraordinarily appealing, making everyone around you feel awestruck by your beauty. What are you waiting for? Explore the Manjari collection and bring home the comfort of summer fabrics by WeaverStory now!

Author: Simran Shaikh