Romanticise The Monsoon In Indian Silhouettes

Monsoon is the most romantic of all seasons; the beautiful rains and the grey stormy sky, along with the swaying trees, all create an atmosphere of love. There’s a strange energy in the air which makes us want to embrace ourselves and simply create an air of positivity. The vibrancy of the green leaves, the spluttering of the hot oil as a batter-wrapped vegetable is dipped, tiny birds taking shelter on window ledges and an old radio playing Bollywood songs, these are all emotions we connect to the Indian monsoons. The ambience is something from a book or perhaps a beautiful Bollywood film. Our film industry has created some of the most romantic movies, and rain often plays an essential role in them. Two human beings standing under the umbrella, sharing words of love and admiration, the start of a melody, and it’s a scene etched in our minds, and we find ourselves recreating these moments in our lives. Whether it is the yesteryear stars like Raj Kumar and Nargis or today’s youth icons like Aditya Roy Kapur and Shraddha Kapoor, rains remain an equaliser between generations as a tool for creating romance. 

Events in the monsoon require us to wear something vibrant and flirty to contrast the stormy skies. It’s imperative to embrace colours, the brightest in our wardrobe and wear them to be the show's star. Let’s take a look at some sarees and suits that will help us create this bright look: 

Look regal like a queen in an exquisite dupatta:

    draping a saree is one of the most graceful acts a woman can undertake. However, we should add some variety to our border by wearing a suit. There are various types of suits available. However, we can wear something muted and minimalist and instead enhance our look with the help of a dupatta. The Handloom Red Georgette Banarasi Bandhej Dupatta is an impeccable choice that pairs well with so many colours from khadi and beige to even the bold and bright emerald green. This dupatta is one-of-a-kind and is a combination of various styles. Bandhej is a popular tie and dye technique that is intricate and takes years of expertise to master; georgette fabric is the perfect fabric apart from chiffon to hold this pattern. 

    Embrace the bright color option:

      rainy season accompanies the vibrant and colourful peacock and the rainbows along with itself, and it only makes sense that we match this vibe with something bright of our own. Yet another dupatta that’s a must-have in our wardrobe has got to be the Mustard Handloom Silk Chanderi Dupatta With Bird Motif On Border. This dupatta features the exclusive work of craftsmanship that will liven up our days and those around us. This elegant dupatta is one-of-a-kind and brings together the vibrant and Chanderi Silk. This dupatta can be paired with any outfit of our choice; this makes the dupatta versatile as well. 

      Mustard Handloom Silk Chanderi Dupatta With Bird Motif On Border

       A lehenga is a perfect pick for an event:

        certain events require us to go all out with our outfits, and a lehenga is just the ideal pick. One should wear a bright colour and colours like pink, fuchsia, orange and yellow are just the correct picks. Handloom Yellow Pure Katan Silk Meenakari Banarasi Lehenga with Organza Dupatta and Corset Blouse is the perfect pick. This outfit brings the best of different techniques and fabrics and adds to the richness of the monsoon season. This vibrant lehenga is ideal for an evening function and isn’t yellow, a warming colour! This lehenga is a must-have for everyone! 

        The Indian monsoon is made of nostalgia, colour and richness that the other season's lack. The five suggested picks are a must-have for all wardrobes, and they will make us fall in love with how we look. Get ready for compliments and love when you don these outfits. 

        Author: Uma Shekhawat