Draping the Colors of India

Draping the Colors of India

5 Handpicked Pieces for Your Saree Collection From Across the Country

In our beloved country saree is not merely a 9 yard piece of clothing, but rather a feeling altogether. An attire that fits all ages, from young to old, and events - special occasions, celebrations, festivities and gatherings. There is something extra special about sarees thriving with pride through centuries of time, through changing trends, successfully reflecting elegance every time a woman adorns it.

India has a rich tradition of weaving and it surely reflects in its sarees. With it’s varieties of food, hundreds of different languages spoken and a distinctive ethnicity, the country speaks of diversity across its length and breadth. And it leaves no stones unturned with a myriad range of sarees, from every corner, each variety significant in its own way. Saree makes for an elaborate outfit, especially if you have one piece from all around India with weaving techniques passed on from age old generations, affluent craft, bold colors, and different ways of draping.

Here we have handpicked one each from North, South, East, West and Center, for one to have a glam moment with a touch of Indian traditions and cultures.

Phulkari from the hearty land of Punjab

As vibrant as the state itself, Phulkari work, meaning flower work, is a native to Punjab. An embroidery technique inspired from florals, has its history etched in the beloved culture of the state. One certainly stands out in an exquisite Phulkari Saree, with floss silk thread, woven on cotton fabric, available in a variety of vibrant colors. A work of art, this one is ‘flower power’ in every way!

Kasavu from God’s own country, Kerala 

The classic off white with golden border, is one of the iconic cotton sarees hailing from Kerala. With it’s royal origin and minimalistic aesthetic it talks simplicity and class, and is a traditional favorite for Malayalee women for weddings and festivals alike. The name of this auspicious attire comes from the Zari work used in the border of a saree. Although one can explore a variety of colors and motif themes, old is gold, in a traditional Kasavu Saree.

Muga from the land of silk, Assam

Known as the golden thread, Muga silk is a speciality of Assam, a one of it’s kind fabric that hones a natural gold sheen. Originating from the cocoons of Muga moth that feed on Som trees, the silk is exclusively found in this state. The fine textured Muga silk saree is pretty durable and loved to be worn during ceremonial occasions by the women. Undoubtedly, a prized possession for everyone who owns it with a limited supply and expensive pricing. Well, you deserve the best of all!

Patola from the land of legends, Gujarat

One from the royals of Gujarat, the Patola saree talks exclusivity, from its’s making till the time it reaches your wardrobe. Depending on the pattern of weaving there are two kinds to it - Rajkot Patola, the single ikkat and Patan Patola, double ikkat. The latter being a complicated textile weaving technique with its warp and weft technique. Interestingly, a Patan Patola Saree can be draped from any side as both have the same design. Patola Saree is the pride of Gujarat with one of the finest varieties of silk out there, delicate geometric designs in rich shades of red, green and yellow. Perfect for the bold and beautiful you!

Bomkai from the land of historic wonders, Orissa

Of much value for it’s people, A Bomkai saree, also known as Sonepuri Saree has its origin from a small village in Orissa, Bomkai. The unique design is why one shouldn’t miss out on adding to the collection with motifs inspired from nature, folklores, and tribal culture of this state. Bomkai silk is one of the oldest textiles of Orissa, and the saree is handcrafted with sheer exclusivity.

Contrasting colors around borders and intricate thread work on pallu is what it’s best known for. And for the ones looking for something lighter to carry, they have a variety of designs in cotton fabric too. Something that will make you standout!

A saree can never go out of trend being one of the favorite picks for women around the world. Moreover, it’s always best to give a traditional touch to your wardrobe, and when it comes to sarees in India, the list is surely endless reflecting its undue diversity. With an array of colors and significant designs, it is a timeless piece, rather a must have for your wardrobe.

Author: Uma Shekhawat