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Sakshi Tanwar adorns this magnificent Chanderi Saree by WeaverStory 

We totally love how  Chanderi sarees exude grace and elegance and this timeless piece adorned by Sakshi Tanwar is a headturner.  An Indian actress, Sakshi is known for her remarkable work in the Indian film and television industry. With her diverse talent she truly brings depth and authenticity to her roles. Her portrayal of a strong and independent woman has gained immense popularity over the years inspiring women of all ages and backgrounds.   

In a hot pink shade the lovely saree is handcrafted with the Chanderi silk - a lightweight fabric with a natural transparent texture and sheen. Yards of opulence finely handwoven with the delicate textured fabric - the broad border and the extensive work on pallu is a work of fine art completing the overall look of this graceful masterpiece. 


Chanderi sarees originated in the town of Chanderi in Madhya Pradesh, India. The handwoven fabric is renowned for its breathable texture and highly regarded for their sheer elegance, delicate patterns and rich weaving techniques.

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Perennial love for sarees 

Women and their love for the 9 yard goes hand in hand. It is an undying celebration of Indian culture, craftsmanship and the timeless elegance they embody. A  saree represents a connection to our age old heritage reflecting a sense of pride and a way to express personal style and identity. Our love for  sarees transcends generations with mothers passing down their cherished pieces as heirlooms. They hold a sentimental value and are treasured as a lovely connection to family history and traditions just like a piece of jewellery. 

Wearing a  saree is an art in itself -  The draping and pleating of the fabric requires skill and practice and is witnessed as an empowering act for many women. Sarees accentuate the overall look and can be draped in versatile ways to suit occasions and preferences. They are not limited to special events but are also worn in daily life - from being elegant and sophisticated for formal occasions to comfortable for everyday casual wear. 

Sarees are a canvas of skilled craftsmanship with their hand embroidery, weaving and intricate motifs. The effort and artistry put into creating a  saree makes it a unique work of wearable art, appreciated by both wearers and connoisseurs.

In recent years,  sarees have also gained international recognition and popularity, with people from different cultures embracing their beauty and elegance. They have become fashion statements, with designers experimenting with contemporary designs, fusion styles, and innovative draping techniques. Available in different  fabrics from  Banarasi,  Chanderi to  Kanjivaram, Georgette and beyond - one can effortlessly adorn a beautiful ensemble creating an inspirational look. 

The origin of Chanderi fabric 

Chanderi as a fabric has a rich history dating back to the Vedic period! It takes its name from the town of Chanderi where the art has been practised for centuries. Historically, the town situated in Madhya Pradesh was an important centre for trade and commerce attracting merchants from different parts of the world. The ancient trade routes largely contributed to the spread of this fabric and of the special  Chanderi saree weave. 


During the 13th century, the Chanderi fabric gained immense popularity amongst the royalty and the nobility who also played a large role in promoting this weaving tradition. The Mughals especially highly favoured the  Chanderi saree, the influence now evident in the intricate designs and motifs. Over the years, weavers of the town have made remarkable efforts to preserve the age-techniques and patterns, passing down the traditional craft through generations. Today, even the neighbouring villages continue to hone this craft by weaving  Chanderi Sarees and upholding the legacy of this ancient art form. All thanks to skilled artisans, the fabric has earned a special place in the world of fashion - cherished for their exquisite craftsmanship, fine fabric and timeless appeal. A symbol of cultural  heritage, the Chanderi fabric is celebrated as a significant contribution to India’s rich textile traditions. 

Key features of Chanderi Sarees 

  • The fabric is usually a blend of silk and cotton that makes it breathable, translucent and gives an opulent feel. 
  • The Chanderi weaving technique involves uses of weft technique where decorative motifs or designs are woven in the fabric. 
  • Most of the  Chanderi sarees feature the intricate zari work with gold or silver metallic threads that adds grandeur to the overall ensemble. 
  • The patterns on these sarees typically feature contemporary designs like butis, florals, geometric patterns or intricately woven borders and pallu. 
  • The colour palette of  Chanderi sarees range from vibrant and bold hues (red, pink, blue, green, gold) to soft soothing pastel shades 
  • The versatility of  Chanderi sarees is perfect for various occasions from weddings, festive celebrations to parties and formal events. They are known for their timeless appeal and can be styled wonderfully to suit individual preferences.

Their exquisite craftsmanship and elegant aesthetics makes  Chanderi sarees extremely popular in India and Globally. They are considered a symbol of tier grace and sophistication, often cherished as heirlooms passed down through generations.

WeaverStory has an exquisite collection of intricately woven  Chanderi Sarees handwoven in the village that lends them its name. You will be swooned by the unique butta and motif designs complimenting the delicate texture and alluring sheen of the fabric. Passed on and inspired from the royalties to us, indulge into the mastery of craftsmanship and an ensemble as elegant and comfortable as it can get! 

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Author - Aarushi Sharma