The Magic of Florals By WeaverStory

In this era of innovation and experimentation, when women have become so aware of their sensuality as a feminine figure and are utterly eager to discover their inner innocent goddess, the influence of floral contrasts in ethnic fashion has had a huge uplift in the fashion industry while also maintaining a sense of subtlety and luxury about their rise in the wedding market. Ornaments of fluorescent flowers and clusters of beautifully imprinted leaves have embellished their charm within the hearts of multiple ethnic connoisseurs, while almost substituting the need of any superfluous or extravagant jewellery to enhance their already brightened aura. With all these things in mind, our diligent and skillful team of WeaverStory has brought to you a stunningly diverse collection of floral traditional outfits that are trending this wedding season of 2023, bringing out a fanciful French girl aesthetic vibe to the Indian vintage realm. Here's a list of all the ensembles that would make you look like a desi Cinderella without losing a glass shoe! 


Curated on the sacred and holy banks of the river Ganges, by the diligently skillful artisans of our nation, and thriving in the religious city of Banaras, WeaverStory's fine pile of Floral Katan Silk Lehengas are an appropriate personification of a giant and breezy field of jasmine and tulips, filled with tiny little butterflies and a whole lot of modern European aesthetic. While the 100% authentic Silk fabric of the floral lehengas pay homage to the ancient Indian architecture through their intricate and dense zari motifs, the ingenious color palette of newly discovered pastels rule the traditional designs with a seductive touch of newness. This alluring matrimony between the two equally charismatic aspects of fashion generate a feeling of nostalgia among the ethnic lovers, ultimately exuding the feeling of home among the married women.


Our masterpiece  Powder Blue Handloom Pure Katan Silk Brocade Banarasi With Meenakari rules the trending list with its impenetrable and meticulous brocade interlacing and a diversity of uniform floral and leafy patterns. Couple this Lehenga with a fragrant white gajra to accentuate the enhancement in your outer as well as inner beauty.

The Chauvinism of FLORAL CHANDERI

There is something so simple and minimalistic about Floral Chanderi Sarees that stimulate an inert metamorphosis of a married lady from passing girlhood to the courageous and bold womanhood. Chanderi fabric is prominently known far and wide for its comfortability and versatility factors, while also maintaining a resistance of bond and breeziness of the translucently crispy texture. WeaverStory brings to you an exclusive line of classy and sophisticated floral Chanderi Sarees and Lehengas that would make your heart go all Gaga over them with their dexterous prints and aromatic vibes.


The freshly ornamented  Guldaudi - Handloom Rose Pink Chanderi Saree With Hand Block Printed Stripes And Floral Jaal is a gorgeously fanciful magnum opus, which hypnotizes the senses of the observers with its artistic approach towards designing a unique ensemble. This Saree is perfect for a casual high profile occasion that requires the presence of a fashionista as quintessential as you!

The Pious Pagans of FLORAL PASHMINA 

Getting recognized as the epitome of majestic aura and an integral symbol of regalia, Pashmina Shawls have continued to restore themselves as an inseparable part of the bridal trousseau. WeaverStory's vastly and diversely accessible Floral Pashmina Shawls  were previously only available to the members of the royal family or those who had a penchant for the expensive memorabilia, based on their daunting grandeur and luxurious cluster filled surface. What makes our Pashmina Shawls an integral part of this exclusively attractive floral collection, is the hand crafting of each and every floral motif with extreme caution, devotion and utmost dexterity. Embellished with a fine constancy and sheer continuity of designs, these Shawls can also be considered as a perfect gift, resonating class and suave.

Navy_Blue_Pure_Pashmina_Shawl_with_Big_Floral_Paisley_Motifs _WeaverStory

The prosperous and austere  Navy Blue Pure Pashmina Shawl with Big Floral Paisley Motifs represents an impressive dichotomy of the boldness of the color black blue, fashionably mingled with the modestly woven paisley floral motifs over the 100% sterling fabric. 


The exciting duality of the heavy and weighty ornaments of floral hand embroidery and zardozi booti work over the lightweight and breezily comfortable Organza Dupatta , makes these ensemble accessories an inseparable part of WeaverStory's luxury collection. White the impenetrable density of the vintage Mughlai floral booti hand embroidery reminds us of the triumphant lost old days, the modern matrimonial bond between the pastel color palettes and the crepe like crispy texture of the organza material brings forth the upcoming agenda of changing ethnic fashion and the dynamic ingenuity of the traditional apparels. 


Our handsomely adorned  Peach Handloom Organza Dupatta with Floral Hand Embroidery Zardozi Border is spread over with the intricacy of pure and authentic hand embroidery designs and with an ever radiating lineage of shimmery golden flowers and a cluster of beautifully carved leaves. The peachy hues match with every Indian skin tone to stimulate a feeling of togetherness among the hearts of the wearers. 


Involving the intensively diligent technique of Banarasi tie and dye method, anciently known as the  Bandhej methodology, in order to obtains a perfect block of print design over every section of the fabric, the floral motifs obtained by the Banarasi Bandhej technique are minimalisticaly fine and highly admirable. The slippery and flimsy texture of fabric gorgeously absorbs the floral print with utmost availability, displaying a movie of multiple colors within each strand. Just like the name jaal suggests, the dupatta or saree using Bandhej print method become a sheer personification of a silver or golden evergreen rain forest, presenting a mosaic of our native artistry and hidden talent. WeaverStory's awe striking  Red Handloom Georgette Banarasi Bandhej Saree With Cutwork Weave exudes the confident transition of a bride, while also making her the center of crowd’s attention. 

Author - Ayushi Sikka