Discovering The Heritage With WeaverStory's Traditional Necklaces

Rare and seldom are the stones which are used to labor  WeaverStory's exclusively customized Necklaces and Sets into existence, and our team here, aims to pay a affectionate homage to our talented and skillful craftsmen, who have helped in giving birth to this embellished collection of a variety of neck ornaments. While Necklaces were initially thought to be only worn during some special occasions, nowadays, the Genz fashion trends have added certain neck pieces to our regular routine, giving us an opportunity to upgrade our everyday looks with a little sparkle. Keeping this in mind, we present to you a brief list of our Necklaces designs that are trending in the year 2023! 


The outstanding charm of a minimalistic and authentic Silver Chain Necklace makes it a unique yet routine jewellery piece during the summer of 2023, when simplistic ethnic accessories are highly trending in the the fashion market for their versatility and resistant material. Our skillful and diligent team at WeaverStory brings to you a very chic and elegant collection of veritable Chain Necklaces that are perfectly suitable to wear with either an ethnic ensemble or anything that mildly resembles a Western outfit. While the lightness and sterling nature of the masterpiece add a sense of modernity to the vintage designs, the widely diverse variety of the sophisticated Silver metal generate an aroma of ingenuity, enhancing the beauty of your neck and smooth collar bone.


Our heavenly  Aabha chain Necklace Handcrafted In Pure Silver is inspired from Jaipuri craft clusters, weighing as five grams of immense bliss and comfort. The tiny silver links connect the necklace gorgeously without any gaps, maintaining the silvery shine of the 100% authentic metal. 

The Charismatic Persona of Densely Hand Crafted CHOKER NECKLACES

One specific necklace design that is ravishly hand crafted to elevate the features of an intricately sculpted neck is WeaverStory's fanciful Choker Necklace Set. Adorned with a broad variety of beads, pearls, emeralds, sequins and silver hangings, our Choker patterns are exclusively made to be pair down with ethnic ensembles like Sarees and Lehengas , giving a sort of majestic edge to the simplicity of a royal outfit. What puts a choker at the top of the fashion pedestal is its grandeur and sublime presence, along with the dedicated homage that it pays to the traditionality of one's aura.


Studded with whiteness and sterling silver material, our magnificent Sukanya Pure Silver Choker with Moissanite Polki is a treat to the eyes of an ethnic admirer. The dense construction of the tight necklace has a huge stone in the center to accentuate its regal beauty and charm. Style this gorgeous necklace with anything to make yourself look like a fashion model of the family event! 

The Ornamental Essentiality of OXIDISED NECKLACES

There's something so chic and sophisticated about oxidised and tarnished metal jewellery pieces that makes us look at them with full blown heart shaped sunglasses! WeaverStory pays homage to the native diversity and to the primitive rawness of our ancient culture and architecture through our diverse pile of 100% authentic and unadulterated oxidised Pure Silver Necklaces. The foundation of meticulous craft work is laid down by keeping specific needs and standards in mind, while the hand work is done with utter intricacy and dexterity. Embellished with originality, these patterns can be comfortably worn with any ethnic or Indo-Western attire, representing the Necklace line as a perfect blend of modernity and traditionality.


Our flawlessly stunning Zafirah Handcrafted Oxidised Pure Silver Tribal Necklace is studded with finely established motifs of pure Silver. This full oxidised necklace is essentially a dream come true and definitely one of the most trending categories in our list. 

The Sterling Individuality of PENDANT NECKLACES

WeaverStory's gorgeously and meticulously hand constructed Pendant Necklaces are a majestic mosaic of individual vivacity and indigenous charm, dangling down from a delicately crafted Silver chain of 100% authenticity and originality. The chief pendant is designed into a variety of dexterously painted motifs of flowers and fauna, generating an ethereal and sublime crossover of traditional Silver artistry and the innovation of modern patterns. What makes our flawlessly embellished Pendant Necklaces the sun of the entire solar system, is their versatility and long withstanding high quality, which makes them seem as new and resilient as the day they were obtained. While the Pendants were initially assembled to be worn with Indian attires, their lightweight and ingenuity grants them the liberty to be a part of Western as well as Indo-Western outfits.


Our heavenly masterpiece  Maanya Pendant Chain Handcrafted In Pure Silver With Butterfly Motif is ornamented with experimentation and a highly miniature design of a butterfly. The sultry indigo blue and turquoise hues add a sense of duality to the Silver color palette of the sensitive chain, flaunting the bone structure of your neck. 

The Royalty of Full Fledged STRING NECKLACES

Gatekeeping the best out of our Necklace category for the last, what we have here will blow your mind with utter awe and hypnotism, leaving you mesmerized with nothing but devotion. WeaverStory's heavy and densely crafted String Necklaces are the clear source of our pride and eternal joy, presenting a majestic and exquisite collection of impenetrably studded golden and silver Necklaces, that would resonate with your luxurious lifestyle and expensively rare taste. Just like a serene snowflake, each String Necklace follows a different motif pattern or design, successfully birthing an army of unique ornaments which are equally gorgeous and lustrous. Adorned with a cluster of beads, pearls, stones and emeralds, the Necklaces are to be worn on special extravagant occasions, where you deem to radiate your high status and face value.


Our luminous  Amaya Necklace With Beads Handcrafted In Pure Silver carries the aroma of the streets of Jaipur, each and every curve reminding us of our rich culture and glorious heritage. 

Author - Ayushi Sikka