The Season of Silk By WeaverStory

Presenting itself as an eternal and ephemeral symbol of majestic charisma, regality and enchanting royalty, Silk places itself on the paramount pinnacle of strengthening aura, globally surrounded by a cool summer girl aesthetic. While the revolutionary resilience and ingenuous versatility of the fabric displays the material with diligence and perseverance, the vintage ethnicity of the glorious Indian heritage inspired Silk ensembles tops the WeaverStory's exclusive list of 2023 traditional fashion trends that make your weddings and ceremonies even more cheery and valued. With great honor and pride, here is our grand collection of ancient Silk outfits with innovative color palettes, that feels like the taste of heaven on Earth.

Kool the Weather with BANARASI SILK SAREES

Curated with utmost dedication, care and meticulous manual skill of our utterly talented and dexterous native artisans, Banarasi Katan Silk Sarees exude an exuberant aroma of indigenous traditionality draped in the modernity of the floral patterns and designs. Encrusted with a holistic and religious charm of the river Ganges and at the same time, an impressive amalgamation of the Mughlai architectural motifs, these Katan Silk Banarasi Sarees are a gorgeously pious emblem of the triumphant historicity and the diversity that rules our ethnic culture. Each Katan Silk Saree comes with an alterable blouse possessing the heavenly Banarasi blouse designs that would make both your heart as well as soul scream with a volcanic joy! The blouse patterns are equally as fascinating as the Katan Silk Sarees and are perfectly embellished with bright color hues and extravagant silhouettes.

WeaverStory's magnum opus  Pastel Green Handloom Pure Katan Silk Kimkhab Banarasi Saree With Meenakari dances among the top of our list, with its breezy and French color scheme and dense Persian motifs on the Banarasi blouse. The word ‘Kimkhab’ which literally translates to “a little dream”, makes this vigorous ensemble an intertwined umbilical cord of your bridal trousseau.  

Slay with Sophistication in RAW SILK KURTA AND PANTS

Adorned with the minimalism of essentially simple and raw Silk, WeaverStory's charismatic and classy Kurta and Pants set is drenched in the fragrant aura of magic and urbanity. Our collection is filled head to toe with some diversely accessible, versatile and latest Kurta designs for both men and women, and the grandeur of Raw Silk elevates the beauty to a sublime level. Carrying a certain stylish pattern within each weave of its fabric, these hand crafted Kurta And Pants Sets are a valuable and joyful addition to our fashionable pile, and while tunic is designed with a subtle sense of modernity to it, the zealous Silk Pants couple themselves gorgeously with the entire ensemble, making these sets entirely gender neutral with minute differences in the styling.


The quintessential  Handwoven Aqua Blue Tunic and Pants Set with Pocket Embroidery is stunningly embedded with ethnic modernity of the sky shaded hues, while embroidery around the pockets give it a rather formal and suave aura. And of course since it has pockets, grab it like your life depends on it ladies!


Establishing itself as the emblem of ravishing majesty, the illusionary dream of 100% authentic Satin Silk fabric was initially only reserved for the members of the royal family, because of its divine modification from mere threads to a hand woven web of intricate legacy. The glorious Satin Silk material can easily be stitched into either Kurtas or a complete suit set and even Sarees and Lehengas , with the density of lustrous floral designs contributing to the stylish pattern of purity and subtlety. While the innovative color palettes of the fabric excite the younger generation of saree connoisseurs with its miles ahead crafting, the sterling quality of the Satin Silk drives the experts to the edge of enlightenment.


WeaverStory's wonderful and awe striking  Pink Handloom Pure Satin Silk Kimkhab Banarasi Fabric is a filling treat to the hungry eyes of a shopaholic, with its impenetrable golden and silver zari work, interlacing the entire surface with sheer dexterity. The exquisite density of the floral motifs is enough to steal the heart of every single woman.


Designed while twisting two or more unadulterated Silk filaments together, in order to form a single thread, the fabric of Katan Silk is prominently known far and wide for its revolutionary, rebellious and resistance nature. The breezy and comfortable nature of Katan Silk Lehengas personifies the memorable journey of a woman's transformation from a little girl into a sophisticated lady of great courage and appeal. The attractive floral border of the Katan Silk ensembles is embellished with gold interlacing to accentuate the forgotten history of our country's glorious past and triumphant relics of the lost Mughal dynasty.


WeaverStory's luminous  Handloom Offwhite Pure Katan Silk Banarasi lehenga Set is a delight for the hearts of ethnic lovers, since the off white and floral print lehengas are the most trending topics of the year 2023! The monochromatic patterns of the choli and lehenga pair perfectly well with the bright crimson hues of the dupatta, making this ensemble a sultry choice for a high profile event. 

The Crunchy Comfort of KORA SILK SAREES

Specifically hand loomed for the women of royal and chic taste, WeaverStory's wide and diverse pile of Kora Silk Saree are a literal of a lightweight and flimsy summer cloud, based on their buttery smooth and slippery texture. Kora tissue is meticulously designed to maintain the cool modernity of an ethnically vintage outfit, while the variety of color palette grants you a taste of heaven on Earth. Ornamented with a densely crafted border of zari brocade work and golden floral motifs, Kora Silk Sarees are a metaphor of the great artisanal skills put to work by the talented craftsmen of our country. Our extravagant  Handloom Sage Green Kora Silk Banarasi Saree With Meenakari Border And Kadhwa Booti is a masterpiece with its ingenious silhouettes and a sublime blouse pattern. The blouse pieces go gorgeously well with the saree itself, establishing a symbiotic relationship of fashion. 

Author - Ayushi Sikka