Soul-String Banarasi

यत्र स्वर्गः तत्र बनारसः 

"where there is heaven there lies Banaras"

The town is surreal. Banaras derives different meanings for everyone visiting there. Some know it as holy sthan and for some its beauty lies in the ghats and the culture. But for those who seek pure craft, the treasure lies within. The weavers of Banaras are filled with passion and the craft they possess throughout their generations.

The weaving of Banarasi textiles has become a significant hub of the economy as it truly attracts the attention of people like you looking for real treasure. The handwoven banarasi sarees is the epitome of craftsmanship. It is valued for its rich weaving—the use of pure silk (katan), organza, and kora fabrics which are highly demanded. The sarees were originally embellished with threads embellished from gold and silver zari to enhance the motifs and richness of the textile. Varieties of Banarasi silk saree include Brocades, Tanchoi, cutwork, Tissue, Meenajaal, and Boota that have interesting patterns of animals, birds, floral and geometry.

It is believed that the elaborate motifs of Banarasi saris are a reflection of the various cultural and religious influences that have molded India over history. The lotus blossom, a Hindu symbol of purity and enlightenment, is only one example of the symbols and patterns that are frequently incorporated into the designs.

The banarasi saree has been associated with being introduced to the nation by the Mughal Empire. Significant efforts were made to improve the weaving and designing arts. The craftsmanship and work excellence required to weave the best silk was brought in from Persia. The Saree is often known for its lustrous and luxurious fabric and intricate designs. 

His eyes were filled with joy. The happiness was so felt. Endless labor, decades of sweating. had at long last produced fruit 
In the way of six yards of breathtaking beauty... Banarasi, The crucial piece of every saree wanderer's wardrobe.

A genuine banarasi saree is a legitimate asset to its owner and is often a valued property. When we purchase something that is so pricey and genuine, we feel a sense of belonging. Although there are countless low-quality copies of the traditional banarasi silk sarees on the market, a true connoisseur can quickly tell the difference between a genuine banarasi saree and a low-quality copy. All you need to do is look at the reverse side of a banarasi silk saree to determine its authenticity. Floats will always be present in the warps and wefts of a handwoven banarasi saree. In contrast to handcrafted banarasi silk sarees, machine-made sarees have a flawless finish.

It can take 15-20 days to weave a saree. The craftsmen put all their hard work and imagination to deliver these pieces of the exclusive gem. Appreciate their efforts and be a part of their dreams.

The Banarasi saree is known for several key features that distinguish it from other sarees. These consist of -

1. Fabric - Banarasi saris are frequently composed of expensive silk, which gives them a coveted soft and silky texture.

2. Design - Banarasi saris are renowned for their elaborate designs, which frequently incorporate exquisite weaving, Zari work, and embroidery. These patterns are exclusive to Banarasi saris and showcase the rich cultural heritage of India.

3. Craftsmanship - Banarasi Sarees are weaved by talented weavers, and they are renowned for their superior craftsmanship. The Varanasi weavers are renowned for their talent and attention to detail after centuries of practice.

4. Cultural Significance -  Banarasi saris are prized for their cultural and historical significance and are regarded as some of the best saris in India. They are frequently given as gifts to commemorate significant occasions like weddings and anniversaries.

5. Durability - The high-quality cloth and elaborate weaving processes utilized in the manufacture of Banarasi saris are what give them their reputation for durability.

Younger generations have recently discovered the beauty and elegance of this classic dress, which has enjoyed a comeback in popularity. The history of the Banarasi sari is still one of creativity, custom, and cultural heritage. It is a blend, and these are only separated into groups like the conventional classic and designer sector. The designer section is created to satisfy the needs of current ladies and follow fashion trends. In Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh, Banarasi Sarees are made. It is one of the premier craft communities and is home to the finest sarees of all varieties. There is a vast selection of banarasi sarees with lavish themes and patterns.

Here are some trendy banarasi saree that will take your breath and charm your occasions:- 

The Dazzling Purple Katan Silk Saree:

Find the trending handcrafted purple saree in lustrous katan silk base embraced with alluring meenakari jaal finished with perfectly finished border. Make it your partner to shine in any upcoming ceremonial event styling it with some jewels and your charm.


Shine in Ruby:

That’s called love, the elegant ruby red banarasi saree in pure katan silk is beautifully embraced with cutwork booti. You are no less of your favorite actress, so be the dive and grace up any upcoming occasion with the heart warming textile. The saree is delicately handcrafted in the finest katan silk base the cutwork booti showcase the perfection of the craftsperson. The broad border on banarasi saree embedded with zari is eye captivating. Style and adore the look with some jewels.


Shades that brightens your mood:

The mesmerizing glam beauty in hand crafted yellow banarasi saree in lustrous katan silk is a perfect staple for any haldi or sangeet ceremony. Intricately woven in a brocade weave that gives the saree a very elegant and rich look. Embraced with the gold zari jaal. Admire the wholesome beauty with some jewels and add charm with a smile.


The label focuses on reviving the age-old handcraft that has always been a luxurious part of a woman's wardrobe. The saree that has been the same for decades and molded into different forms in various cultures and era’s. The banarasi handcraft is known for its richness and ancient practices. The brocade that has taken everyone’s heart, the mesmerizing bold and bright tones and shades that define the ancient city. The legacy is born and stayed and we as a label have always focused on not letting the craft die. The label has chosen to work with master craftsmen and has researched to create weaves from Museums & archives. We provide our customers with the authentic handcrafted piece that has stayed in their memories and build up stories of their own. The drape that has been perfect and classic and always been a part of an era. With the development of designs and fabrics, Banarasi Sarees are now a staple in every sari lover's wardrobe. In addition to women with classic taste, girls in their young age also favor them for their unique sense of style. Having a bride dressed in a Banarasi Saree is a sight to behold because they are vibrant. Every woman appears incredibly beautiful when wearing a banarasi saree. A banarasi saree can be draped at any moment, making it quite simple to transport. Selecting the ideal banarasi saree for your special occasion is all that is required. They are made to be draped in any weather because of their design. Make sure to look at our collection of exquisite Handwoven Banarasi Sarees because they are ready to win your heart.

Author - Meghna Dahiya