Top Mehendi Outfits And Accessories For The Bride To Be - By WeaverStory

While it is totally apt that the particular day of marriage ceremony sacredly transforms a little girl into a bold and courageous woman warrior, the pre-wedding festivities and traditional customs are also perfectly designed to lighten the mood of both the parties and cherish their leftover time as youthful bachelors. However, the casual and informal nature of these events and occasions does not take away the fact that shopping is a tough realm for every bride to be; whether it is for jhumkas or sandals, everything has to be gorgeous on that one day, especially the day of your Mehndi ceremony. The fragrance of henna covered flowers in the air along with the reddish brown imprints of austerity on your palms need even a more stunning outfit that would pair meticulously with their charisma and sensuality. Here's a list of WeaverStory's list of trending bridal Mehndi ensembles and accessories, that would give you a taste of heaven on your very special day. 

The Elegant Suave of KATAN SILK

Designed by intertwining two or more authentic silk filaments together in order to create a single thread of prosperity and hard work, the birthing of WeaverStory's Katan Silk is ornamented with not just class and sophistication but with a dense zari interlacing spreading its wings all over the surface of ensemble, placing it at the top of the list of our Mehndi ceremony outfits. Silk Sarees were historically only reserved for the members of the Royal family and regality, which adds to the ethnic aura of the Indian girl aesthetic. Embellished with the impenetrable floral motifs of gold and silver alloys, the Katan Silk Sarees are a ravishing amalgamation of the modern pastel color palette along with the glorious Mughlai architecture that was once known as the living pride of our rich heritage.


This blend is precisely the only vibe that you would want to carry off on your well esteemed Mehndi event, especially while wearing our zealous Handloom Heena Green Pure Katan Silk Kimkhab Banarasi Saree With Meenakari, with a flair sleeved shirt blouse that seems to accentuate the chic essence of your persona. Plus, the subtle porcelain emerald and chromatic hues of light green are heavenly for your Mehndi attire. 

Magnifique Magic of STUDDED SHOES

The one thing that we can all agree upon is that Mehendi is undoubtedly the most fun, cheerful and extravagant part of all the ceremonial festivities, especially with all the experimentation in clothing and accessorizing. However, WeaverStory has taken this ethnic innovation even one step further by introducing the heavily embellished and gracefully exclusive pile of Bridal Shoes that would be a perfect way to style your attires in a modern manner while still sticking to the traditional customs of our culture. Adorned with an impenetrable lining of pearls, studs, sequins, Aari work and Zardozi embroidery, these footwear are crafted with utmost devotion and intricacy by the native craftsmen of our nation.


The alluring Beige Handcrafted Wedge Sneakers With Aari And Zardozi Embroidery rules the list with its ingenious color palette of off white, while mimicking the ethnic motifs and patterns of a bridal apparel. 

Diverge from Monotony with BANARASI KADHWA LEHENGAS

Birthed with extreme care and patience, Kadhwa motif weaving technique is one of the most diligent and time consuming Banarasi hand crafting methods used in the interlacing realm, as it involves meticulously designing each and every pattern separately rather than mass producing them carelessly, like under the machine related technology. The flora and fauna motifs are hand loomed with utter dexterity, without leaving a single unfinished thread floating in the back, and their orientation reminds us of the holistic and sacred aura of the River Ganges and the skillful artisans residing in the serene city of Banaras.


WeaverStory's appealing and attractive collection of Banarasi Kadhwa Lehengas include the masterpiece  Handloom Black Kadhwa Banarasi Lehenga with Birds, deviating the vintage fashion statement of the ancient Lehengas into a rather modern sphere. The compositional pattern of leafy clusters and bird designs will exude austerity and prosperity in as event as pious as your Mehndi, while the royal blue color palette grants a pedestal of regality to the attire.

Become Voracious with VELVET KURTA SETS

The dichotomy of innovative fashion thrives under the implication that minimalist and sublimity often go arm in arm. While the buttery smooth and shimmery fabric of 100% sterling and unadulterated velvet radiates a sense of majesty among the ethnic lovers, the ingenious motifs of hand embroidered Mughlai zari motifs add an aesthetic of lost heritage to the ensemble. Embedded with a rather comfortable and simplistic vibe, WeaverStory's grandeur Velvet Kurta sets, with either Pants or Farshi, are an angelic introduction to your bridal trousseau, especially your closet of Mehndi apparels.


Our bewitching  Green Silk Velvet Kurta with Hand Embroidered Zardozi Detailing and Pink Brocade Pants displays a dichotomous matrimony between the shades of emerald green and hot pink. The seductive embroidery over the Velvet Kurta and the fuchsia pants set the Mehndi trend with superior tastes in innovative fashion, thriving with sophistication and class. 

The Quintessential Essence of KANJIVARAM SAREES

Defining themselves as the sheer embodiment of grace and serenity, WeaverStory's Kanjivaram Silk Sarees are hand loomed with great artistry and a soulful tribute to the now lost glorious dynasties and their architecture. Adorned with an impenetrable web of golden and silver zari interlacing, these Kanjivaram Sarees have a sense of uniformity and symmetry in their persona, that makes them even more attractive and perfectly suitable for an event as intimate as one’s own Mehndi.

Our breathtaking  Handloom Pink Pure Zari and Pure Silk Kanjivaram Saree is a magnum opus filled with devotion and care, resonating our country’s diversity on a nine yard fabric of purity and authenticity. Pair these Sarees with some rose or jasmine gajra and get ready for a night of attention fully directed towards the gorgeous bride to be!

Author - Ayushi Sikka