The WeaverStory Bride : Aarushi Bansal 

Weddings are a dreamy affair. It is the coming together of two individuals and a beautiful way of celebrating their bond of love and respect with family and friends. Weddings are meant to strike a memorable chord - right from the unique traditions of different cultures to the ethereal backdrops and the gorgeous aesthetic of a well-chosen outfit. 

So, when brides make WeaverStory a part of their big day, it’s like a little pat on our back. It gives us a sense of satisfaction and encourages us to continue doing what we do best - preserve the beauty of Indian craftsmanship and create impeccable ensembles. These outfits are rooted traditionally but are given a contemporary twist for the modern bride who loves to blend comfort, style and functionality. 


We had the opportunity to speak to one such stunning WeaverStory  bride - Aarushi Bansal. Read on to know more about this fairytale wedding that was a medley of Indian and Italian traditions and the story of how Aarushi picked her Weaver story lehenga.

Q: Can you share a little about where you met Davide and how you fell in love?

A: “ We met four years ago in Milan, Italy, through some common friends. We started out as friends who loved spending time with each other and didn’t really realise when this culminated into something more than just friendship. I think we both knew early on that this was it. It always felt right. 

We are total goofballs and are always joking around. The best part about this relationship is that there’s a lot of mutual respect and understanding between the two of us. 

Even today, I can proudly claim that Davide is my best friend, and I think that’s really important.”


Q: Please elaborate on the lehenga selection process.

A: “As an individual, I am anything but traditional, so I always knew that I did not want to wear the conventional shades of red or maroon for the wedding. But at the same time, I always wanted a bright hue, so it would stand out and look gorgeous in photographs. So, I decided to go for a hot pink shade in 2021 (and now it’s the color of the season!)  

I am very passionate about Indian weaves, so I always knew I wanted a Banarasi lehenga. They are just so elegant and beautiful. The idea was to pick a stunning shade of Banarasi lehenga and keep the embroidery subtle. Before starting my search for the perfect lehenga, the one thing I kept in mind was that I wanted to reuse and recycle whatever I purchase.” 

Q: Why did you pick WeaverStory for your big day?

A: “I began the search for my wedding lehenga in the middle of a COVID wave (October 2021), because the wedding was scheduled for February 2022. However, due to the rise in COVID cases, we decided to push the wedding to October 2022. 

I started my search with the usual rounds of Shahpur Jat in Delhi, as that is one of the most popular locations for wedding lehenga shopping. But whatever I looked at did not fit the ensemble of my dreams. I literally had 2 weeks left to pick up my lehenga when my friend suggested I visit your store in Saket, Delhi. 

While I had heard of WeaverStory before, I had no idea about where the store was located. I went to the store with my mom, and it was love at first sight. The stunning Banarasi lehengas stole my heart, and I finalized my D-day outfit within 20 minutes. Everything was seamless, right from the staff who understood what I was looking for to the entire experience of trial and finalization. 

I can easily say that the handloom pink-orange dual-tone Banarasi lehenga is everything I wanted my bridal outfit to look like, and I am sure to reuse this piece more often.”

Q: What was the first thing that came to your mind when you saw yourself dressed as a bride? And what was your husband’s reaction?

A: “The first thought that came to my mind when I saw myself in the mirror dressed up as a bride was, OMG! I love my makeup and outfit. I was a bit emotional but was really happy with all the details. 

When I asked Davide his first thought, he said, he had never seen me wear something this elaborate and gorgeous, and he was going through multiple emotions at the same time.” 

Q: What are the top 3 things you love about your wedding lehenga? 

A:  1.The quality of the fabric and the delicate and stunning pattern

      2.The beautiful hue

      3.That I can wear the outfit again and can mix-n-match it with a different blouse/dupatta. 

Q: What style tips would you share with a bride-to-be to pick the right outfit?

A: “Stay true to your style and be comfortable. Don’t listen to anyone else. Just follow your heart.”


Aarushi and Davide’s beautiful wedding was held at Karma Lake Lands in Gurgaon and it was a blend of Indian and Italian wedding ceremonies. Aarushi rightfully says, “Indian weddings are just so colorful and fun.” While there was no set theme for the wedding, one of the most recurring motifs - whether that be the decor, the wedding invite or Aarushi’s lehenga, was the lotus.

 Author: Niti Desai