The WeaverStory Bride - Utharaa And Palaash

There is something so surreal and beautiful about two vivid and distinct cultures coming together, while we’ve all seen it happen in so many Bollywood films, it just feels different experiencing it in your own life. We are proud to be a part of one such story, the story of Utharaa and Palaash. The weaving of two different cultures into a holy matrimony is like weaving a tapestry enriched by threads of different colors and it only gets better with time. 

Utharaa and Palaash’s story began in 2011 when they were attending NIFT, New Delhi for a product design programme. They were brought together by a fast-approaching deadline, but we, at Weaver Story call it just a little trick played by fate to bring the two together. We are glad to bring this story to our readers and, the selection of a beautiful bridal lehenga all brought to fruition by that fated end-of-term project. Join us as this gracious couple shares their journey and what went into creating this perfect amalgamation of two beautiful cultures. 


Q: Can you shed a light on your beautiful love story?

Palaash :  In 2011 we were both at NIFT New Delhi for the product design program. We didn’t know much of each other but at a desperate end of term moment, I asked Utharaa for help with writing a paper, in exchange for help with her shop project. We surprised each other that week, in how much work we got done, how we pushed each other and how much fun it was. We ended up doing every college project together since that one and continued to consult each other while at separate jobs. We went to grad school at SCAD Savannah, together and then started our studio soft-geometry.

We acted as windows into each other’s contrasting background and culture. Utharaa, a malayali Christian and I, a North Indian Jaat. Everyday was a meshing of our differences in how we create, work, live, travel and eat.

In all of this time we were never a couple. For a decade we were firmly “just best friends and partners at work”, to the great annoyance and protest from family and friends.


Utharaa is wearing a WeaverStory lehenga and Palaash is donning a WeaverStory odhani

Utharaa : In May 2021, we traveled from California to SCAD as alumni mentors and stayed a few extra days to soak in Savannah and everything we miss from our time going to school there. Palaash was documenting the trip quite meticulously on his polaroid, but it wasn’t that unusual for him and Savannah is extraordinarily beautiful, so I didn’t think much of it. We went for a walk outside the SCAD guesthouse which opened right up into Forsythe park and after a walk- around, he went to click a picture of something and I sat down in the grass. A few minutes later I heard “Gandalf will you marry me?”. I was so sure I imagined it that I didn’t even turn around until a few seconds later. He was knelt down behind me, tears streaming and holding a garnet glass ring that only he would know I loved.

It felt like 10 years of unsaid things. We just sat there crying and holding each other.

Palaash and Utharaa decided on a beautiful wedding in Kochi. They desired a venue which felt like home and nothing felt better than Utharaa’s home. They desired for a minimal décor across all the venues, their personal sense of aesthetic extended to the Brunton Boatyard and Chittoor Kottaram as well. Their inspiration also extended to the selection process of Utharaa’s lehenga. Let’s hear it from the couple themselves. 

Q: Can you highlight the selection process of your lehenga, right from deciding the color to the fabric?

Utharaa : Very early on we thought of the Hindu wedding as the coming together of silk weaves - The Benarasi of the north meeting the Kancheepuram and silk mundus of the south. We wanted to stay true to that story of rich yet beautifully understated craft traditions in our outfits and that of our families.

In a nod to each other’s cultures, Palaash wore the quintessential white Kerala Mundu and I wore a pure silk Banarasi Lehenga. 

We didn’t have a pre-decided color in mind, and tried on quite a few different colors and weaves, but Palaash spotted a simple but bold pure red silk lehenga folded on one of the shelves at WeaverStory and wanted me to try it. The store staff told me that this lehenga is more for bride’s sisters- “too simple for a bride”! The lehenga was almost entirely plain red with a solid gold weave along the bottom. 

Yet when we tried it on me, it felt true to who we are - unusual in its simplicity, yet classic and even bold in its pure red color. It was the simplest lehenga we tried, but it felt the most right.

Our families followed suit, all of the men in mundus and the women, a mix of Banarasi and Kanchipuram sarees. A photograph of our mothers at the mandap long after the ceremony, Palaash’s in a purple and silver Banarasi and Utharaa’s in a Blue and gold kanchipuram, was our pre- wedding musings realized.

Q : Why WeaverStory?

Utharaa :  Gold and silver weaves on silk was something that both our cultures shared and we wanted to honor a textile tradition from either side. Palaash would wear a traditional Kerala silk mundu with gold weave and I was looking for a Benarsi lehenga that would compliment the simplicity of the white silk mundu. WeaverStory had pure, refined, beautifully woven silks that celebrated the craft. We were going for a modern, classic, feeling piece and we found that in the curation at WeaverStory.


Q : What are the top 3 things you loved about your outfit?


1.That we were honoring a traditional Indian craft from Palaash’s home state - Benarasi weave and, done on pure silk. It was meaningful to us.

2.That it was quite unique in its simplicity- the red was traditional , but the plain red and the wide gold band was bold, almost modern. It was a very honest reflection of me.

3.That it was light and easy to move in and comfortable, made me feel like myself, as a hindu bride. I wasn’t pretending to be a Rajasthani princess or something in a 20 kg outfit.

Q: Any suggestions for brides to be on how to pick the right outfit for the big day?

Only one - Try to look like yourself on your wedding day!

Q: Please share your experience at the WeaverStory store

Utharaa: We had a beautiful time at the Saket store. The staff were incredibly attentive and kind and were very knowledgeable about the types of weaves, the craft and regions, were patient in draping the lehengas and overall were very kind! They made us feel so comfortable and relaxed, were never pushy and we’re so thankful to have had that experience.


WeaverStory aspires to be a part of many such stories and create memories that can be cherished for a couple’s entire lifetime. An Indian wedding changes with every region, religion, state and our own personal beliefs and WeaverStory tries to accommodate itself in each of these. A simple yet bold lehenga adorned by Utharaa is only a glimpse into a world of bridal wear by WeaverStory.

Author: Uma Shekhawat