The Origins And History of Kanjivaram Silk Sarees

India is the land of high-quality and luxurious products. After all, that’s what invited traders from across the globe and, of course, many invaders as well. The fame of India’s riches came from the expert craftsmanship of our artists, and it is truly a matter of great pride that our country has birthed so many talents. One of these happens to be weaving. India’s weavers are famed all across the globe; we have the luxurious Banarasi  sarees, Chanderi sarees and exquisite Pashmina shawls, and these are only a few examples of the beautiful artistry that our country offers. One of these happens to be the beautiful and gorgeous Kanjivaram Saree. The Kanjivaram saree is truly the queen of all sarees, and for a good reason, this saree’s beauty is simply unmatched, and there is a certain mystical quality about this product that makes it appear so divine and luxurious. In this blog, we will discuss the origins and history of the saree as a way to honour ancient traditions.

At WeaverStory, we understand the importance of tradition and authenticity and therefore house a collection of exquisite Kanjivaram silk sarees, each of which is created with patience, great expertise and talent. These sarees are worthy of being heirloom pieces and can be passed down to posterity.The  Handloom Mauve Pure Silk Kanjivaram Saree With Veldhari Gold Zari Work  at WeaverStory is only an example of what a classic silk saree like the Kanjivaram should be; this saree is everything we desire for ourselves, it can be paired with a designer blouse and some jewellery, and we are good to go. A designer saree like the Kanjivaram truly elevates our personal style. Let us now learn more about the sarees and truly elevate our wardrobe to the heavens. 




The Kanjivaram Silk Sarees are known to be offerings to the gods; these sarees are then considered consecrated and worn on special occasions. The sarees are worn on special occasions and, of course, at weddings. The origins of Kanjivaram Sarees aren’t clear, and we clearly have historical facts that merge with mythical stories. The Kanjivaram saree’s origins can be traced back to Sage Markanda, who was known to the weavers of gods. The sage was known to create fine pieces from the fibers of the lotus. The famed weavers of the Kanjivaram Saree are from Kanchipuram and are known to be the Kanchis; they are known to be the descendants of this legendary Saint who truly immortalized the saree not just in the heavens but on earth as well. 

The Chola dynasty is one of the most illustrious dynasties in the countries that ruled far and wide for many decades. Krishna-Deva Raya of the Chola dynasty was a strong king and ruled his kingdom for many years. One of the initiatives taken by the king was to truly build up the presence and popularity of silk trading. Due to his initiatives, the Devangas and Saligars came to the city of Kanchipuram and started to practice the art from there onwards. It was only during the French invasion that the trade was temporarily halted. 




The Kanjivaram Silk Sarees is created from the purest mulberry. In fact, certain illustrious clients also prefer real gold and zari threads to be woven into the sari. This makes the Kanjivaram silk saree even more luxurious and precious. The silk threads are dipped into the rice water and then sun-dried to maintain the thickness of the saree. Not many people know this, but in a Kanjivaram saree, the pallu and borders are woven separately. While we are always asked to keep the saree properly, it is a rather strong and durable fabric. In fact, if we take care of the saree, it can survive many generations. Once a saree has silver woven into it, it becomes even more durable. 

There are several motifs which immortalize a Kanjivaram Silk Sarees, such as a temple design, floral motifs and even stripes. The Kanjivaram silk saree originated as a nine-yard creation before reducing it to a six-yard to appeal to the masses. The rich history of a Kanjivaram saree truly adds more beauty to it. 

Every fashion enthusiast will have a Kanjivaram Saree in their wardrobes, and if not, it will surely have space left. Kanjivaram silk saree finds its way into the bucket lists of many ladies, and for a good reason. The Kanjivaram is an expression of our country’s finesse, and it's important that we invest our money into such crafts to eventually promote the weaver communities that so painstakingly weave and create these exquisite pieces. Bollywood celebrities like Rekha, Kangana Ranaut and Sridevi, amongst many others, have immortalized the saree in the mainstream media and have inspired countless others to follow in their footsteps. 

Author: Uma Shekhawat