This wedding season, Invest in luxury and fine craftsmanship for Bride-to-be by WeaverStory

Marriage, the word triggers a million emotions, that we can't explain in words. A wedding is not only a celebration or a ritual, it's a bond between two families, friends meeting after ages, and a memorable gathering with lots of love and positive vibes. 

When it comes to marriage every girl thinks about attire, make-up, and jewellery . On the other hand, they are nervous and think emotionally about starting a new chapter, leaving behind a host of memories. It’s hard to put into words what a bride must be feeling. But every Bride dreams of looking and feeling like a queen on her big day.

Love in the air & Banarasi in the trend 

Wedding season is considered the season of love, where two souls connect, and two hearts become one forever. To make it unforgettable, we all want something trendy and unique. And nowadays weaving art from Banaras is a must-have for weddings. At WeaverStory , you will get an heirloom-worthy attire that inspires others to copy your style. You can add Banarasi outfits to any of your wedding functions.


Have you ever wondered why the Banarasi Lehenga is in trend? And why do people trust us when it comes to the quality of weaves?

Let's go for “Banarasi” heritage

Premium collection of Banarasi Lehenga designed with vibrant colors, handwoven with weave, best for all special occasions such as weddings. As marriage is the most important day of a woman's life, dreaming of royalty, tradition, and uniqueness is all needed.

The classic collection of Banarasi Lehenga is handwoven with zardozi and meenakari. Designs are crafted using gold and silver threads, which look luxurious and classy. Finished with beads, motifs, and precious stones, which depict its royalty. Celebrities like Alia Bhatt and Khushi Kapoor are flaunting their looks in Banarasi lehenga.

Be Unique: Break The Stereotype Of How Indian Brides Should Look Like!

“Never afraid to bring changes in society”

The most common stereotypes are still going on but some girls broke them by choosing something different. It's a fact that if you want to change then take initiative and be that change. Wearing always a lehenga, choosing Red color, putting tons of make-up and so on. Now it's time to break these stereotypes of how an Indian bride should be. As we are always inspired by celebrities, they are breaking those so-called stereotypes to flaunt their new look and spread new trends.

Show the real you

The famous and beautiful actress Alia Bhatt can be seen in No Make-Up look at her wedding. She depicts that beauty does not require a lot of makeup or bold lipsticks. If you are confident enough to show the real you to the world, then everything will be blessed. 


Say bye-bye to “RED” 

Wearing a Red color on your big day is still considered pious. According to our ancestors, Red is “Suhaag Ki Nishani”. But things have changed, now girls wear different colors such as Pink, Blue, Green, etc. The glamorous actress Anushka Sharma broke this stereotype by wearing Classic pink at her wedding. 


Is Lehenga the only option? : A BIG NO!

Admire Beautiful actress Dia Mirza’s look in Saree at her wedding. She proved that wearing a lehenga on a wedding day is now no longer in trend. When there are a lot of options available in the market, then why choose the same over and over again? 


In essence, you can also break all those stereotypes by choosing something unique. Be bold enough to make the choices you want in your life. Instead of a lehenga, you can go for a Green Banarasi saree, Kanjivaram saree, Chanderi silk saree, etc. It’s always good to bring some change to society. If our well-known celebrities can break those stereotypes, then you can also choose to be different. 

Bring happiness to your home

The dream of wearing a lehenga and saree is a culture that can be passed down from generation to generation. WeaverStory reviving the heritage of our ancestors with “Banarasi weave”. Every attire is thoughtfully handcrafted by master weavers. We customize outfits according to the customer's needs and desires. 

So, why choose ordinary, When you have luxury? WeaverStory's  Royal outfits for weddings are the best, anyone can desire. We have an exclusive collection of Banarasi lehenga, Banarasi saree, Kanjivaram saree, and Chanderi silk saree to make your day memorable. 

Author : Rupali Meena