These Saree - Blouse Combinations Offer A Fresh Take On The Indian Weave

Versatility of historical drape:

The saree is quintessential as it repurposes itself for every occasion. It is a complete outfit on its own and looks great on everyone. Whether you’re a teenager shopping for your first saree or a young woman about to get married, there is a saree for everyone and suits women from all walks of life. From a homemaker to a corporate employee, the saree has adjusted itself and finds a place for itself in every wardrobe all across the world. There is something so beautiful about a saree; it drapes itself around a woman’s natural figure and enhances it. It represents devotion at one point and sensuality at the other, it truly is a versatile piece, and every woman should own a few for their trunk of treasure trove.  

While trends have become a big part of our lives, the saree remains ageless; it moulds itself to the times. The duality of a saree is astounding, it can be austere, and it can be celebratory, it can be ageless, and it can be trendy. A saree outshines itself; therefore, it remains a popular heirloom option for so many wardrobes across the country. There is something nostalgic about wearing a saree that’s decades old, perhaps worn by your grandmother. It comes wrapped in worn mulmul cloth and smells of the years it has seen. It’s a woman’s treasure. The Indian weave is sacred, as prosperity, auspiciousness, and grace are weaved into every thread. The love of the creator, the weaver, is palpable. 

Combinations that will add spark to your style:

However, a saree does not exist in isolation. It always comes with a trusted partner, i.e., the saree blouse. The saree blouse enhances a saree, apart from its functional use. There are so many saree blouse designs that differ not just in methods but in fabric too. A tissue blouse with zardozi work will feel different from a halter neck made of cotton. Just like a saree, the blouse too has adjusted itself. At WeaverStory, we’ve created sarees and blouses that personify the current times, our traditions and the hard work and sheer talent of a weaver. Let’s take a look at some special saree-blouse combinations that will enhance your wardrobe: 

  1. Bring out the exquisiteness: there is nothing more luxurious than a gorgeous jewel-toned saree and blouse combination. The Banarasi sarees in silk have always stolen eyeballs at every event and for the right reason. A Banarasi Katan Silk saree is perfect for any special occasion. Katan, the threads used to create the saree are prepared with silk filaments. This delicate creation dates back to centuries and is the epitome of finery. This lustrous fabric should be a part of every wardrobe. Along with this saree, one can pair a zardozi blouse. Zardozi work is delicate and an exemplification of talent. The Handloom Pink Pure Katan Silk Kimkhab Banarasi Saree with Floral Border and Bottle Green Scalloped Zardozi Blouse With Back Boota look great together and are a perfect match.
  2. The queen of silk sarees is a must-have for all wardrobes: is your saree collection even complete if you don’t own a gorgeous and lustrous kanjivaram saree? The kanjivaram silk saree can easily be announced as royalty amongst all sarees. The luxury a kanjivaram exudes is unmatched, and it’s a timeless creation that never goes out of style. Like wine, a kanjivaram only grows more exquisite and richer. If you are looking to invest in a kanjivaram, you must go for a Kanjivaram Korvai saree. The Korvai saree uses a three shuttle weaving technique to create contrasts in the saree and pallu. This saree is even more expensive than a single-coloured silk kanjivaram. One can pair a jewel-coloured Korvai with a raw silk blouse. The Handloom Pink Pure Zari and Silk Vaira Oosi Kanjivaram Saree, along with a Green Raw Silk Blouse with Pitta Embroidery, is an excellent combination. 

  3. Experiment with prints and textiles: silk sarees are one of a kind, and the Indian subcontinent is blessed with styles that range from simple to complicated. One such weave and print happens to be the Ikat Patola. The geometric patterns on a patola saree define its uniqueness. The artistry of an Ikat Patola saree is worth accolades; the style is complex yet perfectly executed. The Rajkot Patola is one of the exquisite forms of Ikat, and these sarees are resist or weft dyed and are also referred to as single Ikat sarees. A simple and plain blouse goes perfectly. The Green and Pink Handloom Dual Tone Single Ikat Patola Saree with Tissue Border and a Mustard Matka Style Blouse Munga Silk With Embroidery make for a great match.

  1. Go traditional with Baluchari: the Baluchari saree is one of the prettiest sarees in the world. This traditional weave uses a low twist malda silk for warp and untwisted silk for the weft. A Banarasi baluchar is divided into three parts with an elaborate pallu that carries exquisite nakkashi; the border supports the theme of the pallu while the body carries the motifs. The Kalka motif is a popular motif that is highlighted on a Baluchar. Paired with a designer blouse, this saree is a show stealer. The Blue Handloom Banarasi Baluchari Saree with Horse Pallu can be paired with a Halterneck Blouse Stitched in Handwoven Organza. 

Heirloom with precision:

Sarees have effortlessly proven their elegance and efficacy over centuries and have stood the test of time. Our traditional weaves need preserving; the best way to do so is by donning them on more occasions than just weddings. 

Each saree and blouse is crafted with extreme care for the craft and textile at WeaverStory. The journey of a saree from a thread to eventually becoming an heirloom is well understood; therefore, with precision and perfection, there is also love and affection. Every saree comes with a history, the history of the fabric and the history of the craft applied to the fabric, as well as the story of the weaver creating it. All of these elements get together as a fine gift for the woman who carries her personal story for purchasing and choosing a saree. 

Author: Uma Shekhawat