9 WeaverStory Lehengas That Add Grace To Navratri

Navratri is an important biannual event and is considered one of the holiest days in the Hindu tradition. This beautiful festival is referred to as Sharada Navratri and Chaitra Navratri, the two major Navratri in a year. Apart from this, people also celebrate the lesser known Magha and Ashada Navratri. Navratri translates to nine nights and is a celebration of the divine feminine or Goddess Durga. Navratri is also important in Shaktism, a major Hindu denomination. Each day of the festival is dedicated to a different Navadurga or the nine incarnations of Durga or Parvati. Like the ferocious, bold, stylish and independent Goddess, we have a collection of nine WeaverStory Lehengas that will add grace and charm to the auspicious festival and add more grace to your Garba nights . Let’s take a look: 

Different Navratri Chaniya Choli For 9 Days 

Navratri Day 1 - Vibrance, energy and happiness: Hot Pink is a bright and cheerful colour, perfect for the first day of Navratri. The day is dedicated to Mata Shailputri, the Goddess of innocence, happiness and an energetic aura. This day bestows the devotees' with blessings to succeed in life. Hot Pink  is the perfect colour for the day and will fill you with vigour and confidence. The Hot Pink Handloom Pure Katan Silk Banarasi Meenakari Lehenga with Organza Dupatta and Blouse is an excellent pick for the day. The Banarasi lehenga is embellished with intricate and enchanting embroidery, while the gorgeous pink dupatta compliments the lehenga perfectly. 


    Navratri Day 2 - Purity, Calm and Knowledge: white is an auspicious colour to be worn on the second day of Navratri, wherein Goddess Brahmacharini is worshipped with all the devotion in our hearts. The colour white is representative of serenity, wisdom and purity, and therefore we must don a beautiful white lehenga on occasion. The Handloom White Mughal Jaal Pure Katan Silk Banarasi Lehenga with Gotta Work Zardozi Dupatta and Blouse is an excellent option for the celebrations on the second day. It’s lovely to commence the second day with all our love in our hearts, and what’s a better representation than a lehenga choli tediously yet lovingly created by our beloved artists.


    Navratri Day 3 - Beauty, Passion and Strength: red is the colour of passion, strength and the power to uproot evil. The colour red is considered to be the most auspicious colour in Hinduism. During Navratri, this colour is associated with Goddess Chandraghanta. On this day, we must try wearing red and imbibe the Goddess's energy and vibrancy. The Deep Red Handloom Banarasi Lehenga with Meenakari is quintessential for the third day of Navratri. This lehenga personifies positive and confident energy. The exquisite work on the lehenga exemplifies an artisan’s devotion to his craft, much like a devotee’s faith in the Goddess. This is one of the most elegant lehenga designs of the brand’s Banarasi collection.



    Navratri Day 4 - Prosperity, health and radiance: a royal and vibrant blue beckons the attention of everyone. This colour is reminiscent of radiance, abundance and excellent health. The vibrations of this colour bestow upon its wearer all the positive qualities and the blessing of Goddess Kushmanda. The devotees are charmed by the Goddess’s grace just like they are with a beautiful lehenga by the WeaverStory. Peacock Blue Handloom Pure Katan Silk Banarasi Lehenga with Organza Dupatta and Blouse is an exuberant choice for the day. The eighteen kali lehenga will make you want to twirl. The delicate embroidery and the luxurious fabric all come together to offer purity and vibrance to the day.

    Navratri Day 5 - Brightness, happiness and light: yellow is an evergreen colour that is associated withal things pleasant, sunny and happy. Adorning yellow on the fifth day of Navratri is a bow to the Goddess Skandamata. The Handloom Yellow Pure Katan Silk Meenakari Banarasi Lehenga with Corset Blouse and Organza Dupatta is the perfect pick for this day. This lehenga represents our souls, which shine bright even in the face of darkness and uncertainty. We promise you’ll exude an aura of positivity and love upon adorning this fine lehenga which is perfect for all occasions. 



    Navratri Day 6 - Growth, new beginnings and abundance: everyone desires abundance in their lives, and green embodies that manifestation. Dedicated to growing in life or starting something new, everything about the sixth day of Navratri represents becoming the best versions of ourselves. Goddess Katyayani blesses the day with her divine providence and beckons us to think, reflect and act in our lives. Sea Green Handloom Pure Katan Silk Banarasi Skirt With Electric Blue Pure Habutai Silk Top is the perfect pick for the day. This lehenga comes with expert artistry and an illustration of the weaver’s talent. 


     Sea Green Handloom Pure Katan Silk Banarasi Skirt With Electric Blue Pure Habutai Silk Top

    Navratri Day 7 - Strength and Transformation: transformations can often be challenging times for us; these can be personal transformations or even career transitions. However, these turbulent times are an actual test of ourselves and an opportunity to strengthen and improve. The colour grey is perfect to represent the seventh day of Navratri, dedicated to Goddess Kalaratri. A fierce goddess, she slays demons and emerges victorious. The Goddess instils a similar ethic in us. The Handloom Grey Katan Silk Banarasi Lehenga with Meenakari is an excellent pick for our collections. 

    Navratri Day 8 - Power, peace and intellect: as we transform and arrive at the eighth day or the Ashtami, we are blessed with power, peace and intellect. These qualities help us conquer the evil within and pursue the path of positivity and self-development. Goddess Mahagauri represents the day, and the fierce yet nurturing Goddess bestows its devotees the strength to fight evil. It’s auspicious to wear purple on this day; Purple Handloom Pure Katan Silk Bageecha Banarasi Lehenga with Blouse and Silk Dupatta is the perfect pick for the day; this lehenga is vibrant and represents intelligence and royalty. Product of years of expertise, the purple lehenga is the perfect heirloom.

    Navratri Day 9 - Power and completion: Navratri's final and ninth day is celebrated with great pomp and celebration. The day is dedicated to Siddhidaatri; the Goddess blesses her devotees with fulfilled wishes. Strength, prosperity and good health. The day’s colour is Pink, feminine yet strong and exudes positivity. At WeaverStory, the Handloom Light Pink Shikargah Pure Katan Silk Banarasi Lehenga with Organza Dupatta and Blouse is the perfect pick for the final day of Navratri. This delicate lehenga is beautiful. Created by the finest weavers, the lehenga is perfection. 

      Navratri is nine positive days wherein we immerse ourselves in virtues like positivity, power, strength, intellect and honesty. At WeaverStory, these virtues are interwoven into the lehengas with precision, hard work and love. We must enliven the Goddess within us and pursue our dreams without fear, for any obstacle pales in front of the powerful. 

      Author: Uma Shekhawat