Drapes Of Democracy : Vaishali Goyal

Vaishali Goyal is a textile designer based out of Delhi. Coming from an apparel development profession herself, Vaishali very fondly speaks about various kinds of drapes & weaving techniques that inspire her. 

I am in love with all the beautiful Weaver Story sarees that everyone here in adorning today

A fashion enabler herself, Vaishali understands & speaks about the relevance of Sarees in Indian Culture & the diversity that this single fabric brings with it. In almost all the states of India, Saree is adorned by women in different styles & the Sarees themselves are developed by so many different kinds of weaving techniques. 

How fascinating is that?




While Vaishali was speaking about drapes so earnestly, it got us into realizing that she is right! 

A Saree is a single fabric that is adorned by women across the country, the difference lies only in the draping & regional weaving techniques. Almost all festivities & functions in India are graced by multitudes of women wearing so many kinds of this woven magic. She admires this movement ‘Drapes of Democracy’ and compliments us more than once on taking up this idea & bringing women from all walks of life & profession to share stories of their Sarees. She further talks about the conditioned relevance of Sarees on Indian Women, it usually begins at the Farewell party where girls are gifted their first Sarees or are bequeathed with some precious drape by their mother or their grandmother.

How inspiring & beautiful is that, one fabric that unites the women of the entire country & allows custom and regional differences too. A perfect, well-adjusted companion that also makes you look gorgeous!