Drapes of Democracy : Parul Sardana

Parul Sardana, a beacon of hope & resilience shares her intense & the difficult journey that life presented to her and how she managed to overcome those turbulences. 

“All the GenZ girls out there, it’s important to become a Global Citizen but we must never lose touch with our roots!”

Sitting across from us on the couch, with her daughter Parul very gracefully narrates her story & adds advice for her daughter & the future GenZ girls too!





Parul was left all alone in the world with a 5 month old daughter in her lap, when her husband died in the Army after 3 years of marriage. She was devastated & utterly distraught, the days were seemingly very difficult and she was overburdened with the grief that destiny had dawned upon her alongside an infant who needed her mother the most. One day, Parul went to Goddess Durga’s temple & sought her help with conviction. She asked for strength & determination, grit & hope to become a complete person in herself & a functional and loving parent for her young daughter. Every time she visited the temple, she asked for the same thing & eventually she nurtured these traits in herself. We cannot say that some divine power was at work or not but we can definitely conclude that Parul sculpted herself into this strong human being that she is.

She went on to construct a strong professional base for herself so she could support her grieving mind & also to support her family.

Even though her journey has been long and strenuous, she emerged as a flight-strong butterfly out of the cocoon of grief. She further advises her daughter to always remember that she- an Indian Woman would look her best 7 feel her best adorning a Sarees. There is no exception to this hypothesis!