Drapes Of Democracy : Shreyasi Gopinath

A Bharatnatyam Virtuoso, Shreyasi Gopinath is a scholarship holder under The Ministry of Culture Scholarship scheme, Government of India. She is also a recognised & a graded artist with Doordarshan. 

 “A culture thrives by careful passage of knowledge &  heirlooms that carry a strong familial meaning of belongingness, through generations.”




Extravagance is something that cannot go unnoticed. The vibrant colors of the silk fabric as well as the intricately crafted antique zari design make this Saree a must-have and a supremely elegant work of art. The craft embraced from clusters like Banaras , Chanderi , Kanjivaram , a captivating couture that’s an ode to Art. WeaverStory's wedding trousseau is synonymous to perfection.

A widely known face in the classical dance circles of India, Ms. Gopinath has performed in various reputed national events. She has also represented India in various cultural performances abroad. After acquiring many awards, recognition & accolades, she's now focusing largely on teaching classical dance & cultural connotations to younger generations. 

Her first memory of a Saree is of her grandmother who was a scientist - after work when she came around to pick up Shreyasi from her playschool, she wouldn’t even have a crease in her Saree pleats. Shreyasi picked up this legacy of draping with elegance & tact and learnt about keeping the treasured Sarees carefully from her grandmother & her mother. To this day, also because of her profession, Shreyasi remains extremely attached to a Saree

Owing to her profession, her art remains deeply intertwined with drapes & often adorns it in all her performances. She has become who she is in Saree! She fondly adds, I am a performer & whenever I see a great Saree, I stop & imagine it on the stage. When she joined her first dance college, it was mandatory to drape a Saree & since then she has developed a deep, intricate connection with her Sarees.