Banarasi Sari a Corporate Wear trend

Banarasi Sari a Corporate Wear trend

Banarasi Sari a Corporate Wear trend for 2018

Indian saris are one of the most versatile and elegant garments in the world. Saris have been worn in India for many centuries by women belonging to different cultures and regions, there are many different types and varieties of saris for different occasions available in the market.

The versatility of the banarasi sari is such that it can even be worn at business conferences and office party. In fact, for many women with traditional and conservative tastes, formal saris are their preferred clothes for the office.

Women in Government and Corporate business leaders in India choose a sari when it comes to dressing up for office and office related important meetings. Banarasi sari has a certain class and aura which suit them perfectly.

One can find Banarasi saris for office wear in variety of color combinations and designs, all of which are perfectly suitable for wearing in any office from the famous Online and offline store in Delhi –, which has authentic Indian hand looms/crafts and is determined to bring the best of the craftsmanship to the world and help the struggling craftsmen with a window to showcase their best products. It has been focusing predominantly on the Banarasi weaves, and reviving designs from museums and traditional forms from annals, and working with weavers themselves. invariably serves as a space for engagement with India’s rich textile history. It constantly endeavors to bring this textile heritage closer with every masterpiece it creates. With the archaic laborious weaving techniques that the weavers have perfected with time, they focus on displaying culture on the six yards of elegance. is knitting together the finest threads to weave the art of perfection, in elegance.