The Handloom Guide To Your Wedding Trousseau

When it comes to shopping for your wedding, set your sights on pieces that are not only steeped in trends but also celebrate your roots promising timelessness, versatility and repeatability. While the nostalgia of your mother’s big day rekindles through your wedding plans, the hunt for an assortment of good old traditional sarees is at the forefront of the spadework. Whether it’s a Banarasi found in the depths of your grandmother’s closet or a personalised Ikat Patola, traditional techniques are taking centre stage and have remained a classic choice in bridal couture through the centuries.

A glimpse into WeaverStory’s trail of coffers brimming with handcrafted Banarasi sarees, South Indian Kanjivarams, lush and lightweight Chanderis and ornate Parsi Gara will lead you to a magical treasure trove racing back to the legacy-bearing weavers of India. To help you curate a trousseau that strikes the perfect chord between luxury and fine craftsmanship, here’s our guide to collecting time-honoured heirlooms that you can adorn for now and forever.

Go for a traditional Silk Banarasi


Amidst the exquisite realm of designer drapes fixated on overpowering trends, there must also be a heritage weave that is quite effortlessly elegant and seasonless. A classic Banarasi saree in silk or georgette is quintessentially a favourite among brides who enjoy the allure of timeless weaves.

Reviving the age-old techniques of weaving, offers a vibrant assortment of Banarasi drapes that are rich in fine artistry and craftsmanship. As you meander through weaves dipped in colourful motifs and patterns, pick the perennial favourites like the Jangla, which features dense vegetation, or the Shikargah, which highlights animals in hunting scenes.

From pre-wedding celebrations like a puja to post-wedding shenanigans, you know you’ve aced your trousseau if there’s a timeless silk Banarasi at the top of the list.

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Add a Kanjeevaram to your Wedding Wishlist


For the bride loyal to the handloom, a pure silk Kanjeevaram saree is an indispensable piece. Crafted in Kanchipuram, Tamil Nadu, these sarees are renowned for their exceptional quality and are distinguished by their exquisite borders and intricate patterns. Opt for some zari detailing and a vibrant contrast of Korvai borders to ace that post-wedding look in style.

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Make space for Parsi Gara


Brides who are looking to zoom into India’s cultural heritage can opt for an exquisite Parsi Gara. Composed with precision and finesse, these sarees stand out as a distinct example in the diverse array of crafts. Drawing from centuries-old Oriental and Persian motifs, the sarees feature dreamy blossoms, mythical birds, dragons, and more making each a wearable piece of art. Pick them for post-wedding get-togethers, Diwali parties, and family dinners.

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A Silk Chanderi for Home Pujas


From sporting unconventional hues to employing overall weightlessness, what was considered typical newly-wed wear has morphed over the years. A monotone Chanderi silk draped with ease and elegance is the perfect way for a new bride to stand out for small pujas or intimate get-togethers. Make your pick from WeaverStory's collection of bright summer hues in diaphanous Chanderi silks with gilded borders and zari motifs. A small tip to keep you afloat post-wedding celebrations? Pick a deep hue, a statement blouse and complete with minimal jewellery.

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Invest in an Ikat Patola Saree


Indian wedding celebrations, with their myriad of rituals and cherished traditions, call for a sartorial update. Delve in the luxurious allure of WeaverStory's beautiful Ikat Patola sarees in bright hues and plush fabrics. But why should you invest in Ikat Patolas? Weaving a Patola is a time-honoured craft that traditionally takes three people four to seven months to craft using the resist-dying technique, making it laborious and hence highly sought after.  

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This article on WeaverStory has been published in Vol 12/Issue 1/2024 of Khush Wedding Magazine, the UK’s leading luxury bridal title for the Asian bride and groom. 

Author - Haiqa Sidiqqui