Banarasi Silk Saree: An Attire For Special Days

The Banarasi Silk Saree is an attire that has captured the hearts of Indian women for generations. Its beautiful, rich, luxurious feel, intricate designs, and timeless elegance have made it a popular choice for special occasions, especially weddings, and festivals. Let's explore the craftsmanship, origin, and ethnicity behind the Banarasi silk saree, as well as the various options available, including pure Banarasi Silk Sarees, and Katan Silk Sarees, and where to find them online.

The Origin Of Banarasi Saree:

The Banarasi Silk Sarees has its roots in the city of Varanasi, formerly known as Banaras, in the state of Uttar Pradesh, India. Around the fourteenth century, during the Mughal period, is when the Banarasi Saree is thought to have first appeared. The Mughal emperors were known for their love of luxury and would often commission Banarasi Silk Sarees for their queens and princesses.

Craftsmanship Of Banarasi Silk Sarees That Makes It Special:

You can feel the hard work behind the Banarasi Silk Saree when you touch it. Because it is known for its intricate designs and craftsmanship. These sarees are made using a special weaving method that has been handed down through the centuries. The Sarees are woven with fine silk threads, and the patterns are created using zari, a metallic thread that adds a beautiful shine to the saree. The zari work can be seen in the saree's borders, pallu, and overall design.

Sometimes, it takes more than a month to create a beautiful saree.

Ethnicity Of Silk Saree:

The Banarasi Silk Saree represents Indian culture and its heritage. It represents the skill, creativity, and hard work of the weavers who create them. Each saree is unique and has its own story to tell you. In Indian culture, Sarees are often passed down through generations, becoming family heirlooms that make them even more special for every woman. They are worn during various special occasions, such as weddings, religious festivals, and religious ceremonies, and are a symbol of femininity, grace, and beauty.

Banarasi Silk Saree For Weddings:

The Banarasi Silk Saree is a popular choice for weddings, and for good reason. Its intricate designs and luxurious feel make it a perfect match for the grandeur of a wedding ceremony. The saree is available in different colors and patterns, which makes it easy to find one that suits your taste and personality. Whether you want a traditional red and gold saree or something more modern, there's a Banarasi silk saree out there for you.


The Average Price Of A Banarasi Silk Saree

One of the biggest concerns when it comes to Banarasi Silk Sarees is their price. These sarees can be expensive, and it's essential to invest in a high-quality saree to ensure its longevity. However, if your budget is low, there are still a lot of options available. You can find an affordable Banarasi silk saree online, but be sure to check the authenticity of the seller before making a purchase.

Find A Pure Banarasi silk saree

If you're looking for a pure Banarasi Silk Saree, make sure to look for the authenticity. A pure Banarasi silk saree is made entirely of silk, including the threads used for the zari work. These sarees are of the highest quality and are a valuable investment for the long term.

Katan Silk Saree - A Doppelganger Of Banarasi Silk Saree

In addition to pure Banarasi Silk Sarees , there are also Katan Silk Sarees. Katan silk is a variety of silk that is known for its durability and strength. These sarees are popular for their luxurious feel and smooth texture, and they're a great option for those who want a Banarasi silk saree that's more lightweight and comfortable to wear. Katan silk sarees are made using a different weaving technique, resulting in a plain woven fabric that has a soft, lustrous appearance.

Where to find Banarasi silk sarees online?

If you're looking to buy a Banarasi silk saree online, there are a few things to keep in mind. 

First, make sure to do your research and find a reputable seller who specializes in Banarasi Silk Sarees. Look for reviews from previous customers and check to see if they offer a certificate of authenticity.If you want to save time, check out WeaverStory's Banarasi Silk Sarees. We’ve got the best weavers from Varanasi and you’ll find luxurious silk sarees at affordable prices.

Conclusion - A Thought About Banarasi Silk Saree

In conclusion, the Banarasi silk saree is a garment that's steeped in history, craftsmanship, and cultural significance. It's a symbol of femininity, grace, and beauty, and it's a popular choice for special occasions, especially weddings. Whether you're looking for a traditional red and gold saree or something more modern and unique, there's a Banarasi silk saree out there for you.

While the price of Banarasi Silk Sarees can be a concern, investing in a high-quality saree is worth it in the long run. Look for a pure Banarasi silk saree or a Katan silk saree if you want something that's of the highest quality and will last for years to come. And if you're shopping for a Banarasi silk saree online, be sure to do your research and find a reputable seller who specializes in these beautiful sarees. Check out WeaverStory's Banarasi Silk Saree collection.

Q: What is a Banarasi silk saree?

A: Banarasi Sarees are handcrafted sarees from the finest weavers of "Banaras". Banarasi Sarees are handcrafted with the finest quality of “Pure Katan Silk Fabric”. A delicately handwoven lustrous  fabric is made of pure silk threads twisted together.

Q: What is the price range of a Banarasi silk saree?

A: The price of a Banarasi Silk Saree can vary depending on several factors, such as the quality of the silk, the intricacy of the design, and the amount of work put into creating it. Prices vary anywhere from a few thousand rupees to several lakhs of rupees.

Q: How do I care for a Banarasi silk saree?

A: To care for a Banarasi Silk Saree, it's important to handle it gently and avoid exposing it to harsh chemicals or direct sunlight. When washing, use a mild detergent and cold water, and avoid wringing or twisting the fabric. Hang the saree to dry in a shaded area, and iron it on a low heat setting.

Q: What is the difference between pure Banarasi silk and Katan silk?

A: Pure Banarasi silk is made using pure silk threads, while Katan silk is made using a combination of silk and cotton threads. Additionally, pure Banarasi Silk Sarees tend to have more intricate designs and heavier weights, while Katan silk sarees are more lightweight and have a plain woven fabric.

Q: How do I know if a Banarasi silk saree is authentic?

A: To ensure that a Banarasi silk saree is authentic, look for a certificate of authenticity from the seller. This certificate will typically include information about the silk used, the weaving technique, and the origin of the saree. Additionally, authentic Banarasi Silk Sarees will have intricate designs that are woven into the fabric, rather than printed or embroidered onto it.

Q: Can I buy a Banarasi silk saree online?

A: Yes, there are many online retailers that offer a wide selection of Banarasi Silk Sarees. However, if you want to save your time, check out WeaverStory's Banarasi Silk Saree collection.

Author - Sarthak Gupta