Best Colors to Slay through Summer Weddings

When it is time for summer weddings, you know it is time to experiment with some unique colors, breezy Handloom Fabrics, and captivating fashion apparel precisely crafted to help you look like a million dollars. The summer color palette is full of exuberant hues that are sure to lift your spirits and help you breeze through the scorching heat. Summer colors, when paired with peculiar designs, breezy fabrics, and the finest craftsmanship of the expert artisans of India, can effortlessly elevate the elegance of your wardrobe.

With the summer wedding season approaching, it is time to revamp your exquisite Saree collection with extraordinary summer colors. Identify different ways to up your style quotient with summer Sarees that help you stand out from the crowd. Regardless of whether you are the bride, the bridesmaid or perhaps just a guest, draping yourself in the exuberance of a saree in pastel color shades or colors with elegance alike will only make you look extraordinarily beautiful. WeaverStory , with its exquisite collection of Sarees, ensures to offer colors and fabrics that fit well for summer weddings. Here are five of the many must-have colors of summer sarees you can find at the WeaverStory store or online on our website.

The Lovely Lilac

The soft, gentle color of lilac is known to bring out feminine energy while exuding sheer elegance and unparalleled charm when adorned with exquisite handloom. It is one of the most extraordinary pastel shades that can effortlessly make you stand out from the crowd.



This drop-dead gorgeous lilac dual-tone pure Katan silk nine-yard is an alluring piece of clothing perfect for your best friend’s Roka ceremony. Dual tones are anyway considered trendsetters in this contemporary world of fashion. Combining them with the exquisite handcraft created by the master artisans of Banaras only adds value to its exuberance. This supremely elegant, lightweight Banarasi Sarees will help you spend the entire day with the breeze while looking as pretty as a picture.

The Pretty in Pink

The pretty pink color evokes feelings of peace, romance, femininity, and innocence. This hot pink and gold handloom is a must-have addition to your wardrobe that will have you looking like you just stepped out of the heavens. Bring out the feminine energy in you by draping your beautiful curves in their exuberance and making an entrance like the queen that you are.


This alluring Hot Pink Handloom Pure Chanderi Saree With Dopatti Booti And Nakshi Border is perfect for a lavish wedding cocktail party. Everyone around you is destined to feel hooked on its aesthetic appeal. Drape yourself in its grace and be prepared to be showered with compliments.

The Beautiful Beige

The subtle hues of beige exude simplicity, elegance, and comfort at every inch. This shade combines the charm of brown with the timeless appeal of white. This color is quite often woefully underutilized in terms of fashion apparel, but when adorned on the right fabric and worn for the right occasion, a beige-colored saree can do wonders for your aesthetic appeal. Weaver Story cherishes such peculiar colors and, hence, brings to you its most exquisite work of art.



This beautiful beige Banarasi saree is an heirloom-worthy handloom that reflects royalty and sheer elegance at every inch. Step into a world of enchantment with our Beige Handloom Organza Saree. This special piece is like a timeless treasure that brings together beauty and tradition. Wear this drape to your friend’s sumptuous wedding reception and watch everyone go gaga over how beautiful you look.

The Scintillating Yellow

Summer weddings are all about the colors of happiness. How could one miss out on a warm, sunshine bright, captivating yellow color? This eye-catching saree is perfect for a Haldi ceremony at your summer wedding ceremony. A bride must stand out from the crowd through all her wedding ceremonies.



There is no going wrong with this yellow, pure Katan silk handloom. This spellbinding work of art is destined to make you look like a million dollars.Embrace the ethnicity with this yellow handwoven katan kadhwa jangla saree purely made in heavenly "Banaras". The handcrafted zari work is exquisitely defining the pink floral border. Grab this amazing look with the blouse fabric of matching shade and adore it with some festive jewellery to enhance the look.This Banarasi drape is quite lightweight and breezy enough for you to dance through your haldi ceremony while looking extraordinarily appealing to the eyes. While its color and comfort are perfect for your summer haldi ceremony, its intricately designed floral artwork in gold is what steals the show.

The Bewitching Pastel Green

Inspired by the beauty of nature, this serene color is known to evoke feelings of freshness and new beginnings. Both of these factors make this an ideal color for summer weddings. The best part about such subtle hues of green is that they can effortlessly help you beat the heat.



This mesmerizing pastel green pure kora tissue Banarasi saree is not only extraordinarily appealing to the eyes but also supremely lightweight and breezy enough to let you slay through the day like a pro! Pastel green is a gentle whisper of nature, that evokes a sense of tranquillity and serenity. With its soft and muted tones, this pastel-green beauty creates a soothing visual that calms the senses and invites relaxation. Our Pastel Green Handloom Pure Katan Silk Banarasi Saree with Golden Booti is a delightful creation bringing two worlds together. This is the summer-friendly saree for you if you are a stunning bridesmaid looking to be the sure-shot show stealer at your best friend's wedding ceremony!

We hope this article made it a little easier for you to pick the right Sarees for summer weddings. While these are just a few of the many unique colors of handlooms, you can explore more on our website. Stay tuned to WeaverStory and feel connected to the roots of Indian culture and the fine craftsmanship of its expert artisans.

Author: Simran Shaikh