Chanderi Saree: Millions Of Emotions And An Exclusive Art Of India

Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak – A quote by Racheal Zoe, a popular fashion designer.

It's true that your appearance speaks louder than your words. And when it comes to choosing the right fabric and motifs we must explore something that combines heritage, royalty, and the art of handloom. The chanderi handloom is reviving its style and art into the modern world.

The remarkable history of Chanderi

The tales of chanderi fabric came from our Vedic period. According to an old saga, chanderi fabric was first founded by Shishupal, cousin of Lord Krishna. Chanderi is not only a cluster, it's an emotion of millions of people who live in a small town called “chanderi ''. That's why we call that fabric by their village name because it's a reflection of their art and heritage. The townchanderi '' is situated in Madhya Pradesh, a country of passionate craftsmen.




A town of looms, Chanderi is popular for its historical heritage and royalty. After being founded in Mahabharat time people forgot about chanderi but then the Mughals revived this tradition again. Most preferred by queens, chanderi is now known for luxury and royalty.

When it comes to buying outfits, everyone questions whether it is worth buying. Especially while exploring handloom chanderi saree people always wonder why it's expensive. In this blog, we will share some specialties of the chanderi saree that will clear all your doubts. 

Why are chanderi sarees special and luxurious? 

Chanderi is the most traditional and elegant fabric known for its fine texture. It's a perfect representation of textiles and art. Chanderi sarees are handwoven with golden zari, cotton, and silk. Chanderi Sarees can be categorized into three categories – Chanderi cotton, Chanderi silk cotton, and pure Chanderi silk. Not only in saree, but Chanderi fabric is also used to create other outfits such as salwar kameez materials. 


What's special about chanderi sarees?

1. As Lightweight As Cotton

Every woman wants to wear comfortable clothes while working at home or in the office. Fashion and comfort are two different aspects but chanderi sarees are justifying both of them. Chanderi sarees are popular for their comfort and simplicity. It's a perfect staple for all your special occasions because it's lightweight and luxurious.


 Handloom Rani Pink Pure Chanderi Silk Brocade Saree With All Over Zari Work

2. Beautiful motifs

These motifs are handwoven with the help of a special type of needle. For every unique motif, they use different types of needles. Every motif woven on the chanderi saree is inspired by 'Nature' such as flowers ,birds, swans, peacocks, trees etc.  


3. Fashion inspiration with heritage

Chanderi sarees have played a special role in the Indian handloom industry since ancient times. Earlier chanderi fabric was used for only sarees but with the evolutions in the fashion industry, designers started creating more outfits such as chanderi Kurti, chanderi dupatta, and chanderi lehenga. The luxury, fine quality, and light texture of the fabric fascinate everyone in the modern era.


To wrap it up, chanderi saree is not an outfit, it's a heritage, the art of skilled craftsmen, and the emotions of both: buyers and weavers. The richness of fabric and motifs are enough to enhance its beauty. As chanderi sarees are premium, we need to know how to take care of them :

  • Most chanderi sarees require only dry cleaning, don't wash them. But in case you have to wash your saree then use mild detergent for it, otherwise, it will lose its shine.
  • Avoid using hot water. Wash it with cold water to maintain its quality.

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Author: Rupali Meena