NOORIE : Nostalgia driven classics

 “You are the “Noorie” to my utmost love” 


Don’t we like when people admire us? When our mother sees us and doesn’t have words, she just takes some kajal from her eye and puts it on our back ear saying “Kahin Kisi ki Nazar na lag jaye”. All those actions of protecting you from all evil and holding you forever like treasure, the love they pour are because you became the light to their soul. WeaverStory celebrates the light that one owns within them. The collection launched as “Noorie” discovers the beam of reflection one keeps searching for. The evergreen range is perfectly made to enlighten your occasions and share the undivided attention of festivities. The thoughtfully chosen fabrics like tissue, organza, and chanderi become the comfort to attain. The quintessential and nostalgia-driven Anarkali and sarees in rich embroidery are traditional ensembles for modern women. The collection is combined with bold silhouettes making it more graceful and engaging. The authenticity of these lightweight fabrics makes them comfortable and rich. The exquisite zari embroidered motifs are delicately placed to enhance ethnic luxury. 

While you drape a saree or wear something that identifies you, it gives a sense of celebration and respects your belongingness towards a culture or people. We all grew up seeing our mothers selecting specific outfits to be worn on different occasions, creating a mess in the room because it confused her to choose, we at WeaverStory definitely have a solution to this issue. Find your favourites from the “Noorie” collection and you don’t have to worry about what to wear on any upcoming occasions. “Noorie” is the light that adds its shine through the person adorning it. The richness and translucency of chanderi and organza bring out the nostalgic memories of festive stories. We try to look our best on every occasion. We stand out from the crowd even while blending into it, that’s where noorie becomes the companion one needs. The bold silhouettes bring out the confidence and strength you hold within yourself. Noorie becomes the beam that shows you the path to reach one’s soul. The festive collection is embraced with beautiful embroidery and authentic handwoven fabrics, ensuring the rich and luxury textile is delivered to you. 


We are identified by what we wear, and accordingly, we separate our wardrobes. We add a variety of casual, formal, and occasional wear so that we look appropriate and blend with other people according to the event. You must question what gets Noorie to be a sparkle of joy in your eyes. Ever wonder when we take a child shopping and the very first thing he/she chooses is something that soothes their eyes or something that grabs their attention. Noorie identifies the child in you and the attention mustn’t just stay to it being eye-captivating but dive into the comfort of its rich handwoven luxury. It becomes the memory of ancient crafted collectives that will definitely stay for long. A blend of traditional and modern classics, one that will always be admired and in trend. 

Whenever we go to shop we look for a fabrics durability or shelf life, well when it comes to occasional wear we only get to wear them in celebrations. Noorie is all time love, it will stay and attract you to hold for the other event too as all you need to do it style and it's ready for different occasions. The light weight and rich fabrics like tissue and organza adds value to the ensembles. The embroidery is not just an added adornment but it becomes a part of the textile. 


WeaverStory embraces the noorie in you, the light that has always shown us the way to forever deliver to your needs. Explore the nostalgia driven old classics of handcrafted luxury brought to you in the form of " Noorie" range. Choose what brings you the feeling of absorption, and acceptance. Dive into the divine and showcase the beauty you truly adore.