MANJARI: Blossom

 "मांझी नदिया छोड़ के,फूलो की लता सजाता है
जब हर आंगन झूम,मंजरी के गीत गाता है"


We all enjoy flowers in giving and decorating our homes, making garlands, etc. We make them part of our every happy occasion because they believe in bringing out emotions, memories, and joy to us, and they are always beautiful. Have you ever connected yourself to something in nature, for instance, flowers, are we flowers in our own creative world? Can we describe ourselves as one! How are you? soft and pure as rose or bright and blushing as lilies? 

Flowers are for all seasons, we adore them in giving and we embrace them in grieving. The versatile nature varies in terms of colors, shape, or size but they are adorable dead or alive. Remember when you got your first flower from someone very special and you kept it in that diary of yours, it dried out in time but the memories and the happiness it brought then, remained the same even after a long time. 


‘Manjariis the reminisce to the memory and the joy you always admire. It is born to bring out the emotions and beauty of a collective being. Weaver Story celebrates the blooming season with its exclusive chanderi kurta collection developed in rich embroidery and hand-blocked floral prints. The pastel colors add the softness and warmth of the spring season admiring the natural process of block printing. Each kurta set is designed uniquely, presenting to you the combination of the ancient craft with a touch of modernity. 

The craft of hand-blocking is an ancient practice that involves a complex process and requires a steady hand and eye movement. The wooden blocks are carved to get the needed pattern or motif which is then embossed using the dye color on the fabric to achieve the print. If a motif or pattern has more than one color there are different blocks for each color. The more the colors the more complicated and time taking a process is. Our master craftsman has definitely outdone themselves by making the process successful and delivering their best work to you. 


Chanderi Fabric is always characterised by its luxurious appearance and traditional ethnic look. It delivers transparency and the light weight gives ease making it comfortable and adaptable to summer weather. Manjiri is a layered collection where each layer has its own representation. The embroidered motifs create a definition to the flat prints bringing out a new life, whereas the finishes are done at their best. The range is perfectly designed to fit any occasion and the choice to style it more elegantly is always up to the wearer. 

"Bring me flowers when I am alive,
So that I can adore them for a while'

We all admire prints, especially the ones that are inspired by our cultural heritage, the craft of hand-block is ancient. When there were no manufactured tools, people used to paint or hand print, the activities brought out joy to them, they drew what they saw, and they printed what they admired. The use of natural materials, dyes from flowers, the bark of trees, etc became their sense of lifestyle, the ones that can still be evidenced in tribal crafts. 


What inspires a craftsperson to carve on a wood block?

The inspiration always comes from our surroundings, nature is our best admirer as it has a lot to provide, and a lot to teach. The motif of the hand block came from the architectural patterns, flora, and fauna, ancient art or sometimes abstraction is used.

"Manjiri" is developed with beautiful floral motifs. The placement is magnificently done to provide you with the best-handcrafted luxury. The blocks are made using Sheesham wood carved using carving tools with motifs, outlines, and filler. The richness of the craft lies in how the prints are precisely placed creating an eye movement. The block print vibes with the summer style and rejoices the inner soul. 

“Let me enjoy flowers again”

With the arrival of the monsoon, when the hot summer waves are shed and all the dried land gets greener again, the flowers bloom again. Let us celebrate the living, the one that is now born. “Manjari” is to adore, to bring out the new hope just like the change in seasons it finds its way to you through various reasons. Explore the authenticity of hand-block art in form of the exclusive chanderi kurta sets. Choose what brings you the feeling of absorption, and acceptance to lighten up your mood. Dive into the divine and showcase the beauty you truly adore.