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CHAAP: A perennial impression 

When the bride is sent to her new home after wedding, the ceremony “Beedai” is the most heartfelt moment for her family. The girl who was once the mischievous child is now expected to be responsible, take initiatives. Stepping into the world where she is to rise, ‘to born’ again and accept, love and respect the new relations.

“वो हाथ की मेहंदी,वो हल्दी की रस्म,वो सहेलियों का खिलखिलाना
माँ-बाबा का मुझे सहलाना,याद आएगा | वो आँगन का झूला,गुड्डे गुड्डियों का मेला
बिदाई के वख्त,मेरे हल्दी के ‘छाप’, ज़रूर उन्हें मेरा नटखटपन, याद दिलाएगा”||


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The collection “Chaapis an initiative from our WeaverStory family to make all these special moments remarkable to you. In our Indian culture presenting a piece of textile to our new bride is meant to be a significant memory, a tradition being followed by ages.

Who could have thought a handcrafted piece of fabric can mean a lot?

The one that has been an essential part of every bride's trousseau in ancient culture, the tradition is still practiced in some parts of country by gifting a hand-sewn textiles embroidered by the mother, aunt or grandmother. These textiles are prepared in time starting after a girl is born and is sent along with her other stuff as a memory to embrace where she once belonged and spent most of her teenage days and to cherish all the love and memories she collected.

A woman is much more than a daughter, a wife, or a mother.

Our master craftsman from Banaras have thoughtfully hand-woven each saree in the chaap collection. Each saree is delicately processed with love and keeping in mind the needs of the customer attaining the essence of the ancient craft.

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The craft that is passed ahead, possessed by generations is none less than an heirloom, the piece of which is presented to you in the form of these magnificent sarees that are beautifully embedded in real zari. These sarees are a perfect gift to the brides showering your blessings and love to her new beginnings. Banarasi handloom is an ancient community marking the history and delivering the finest quality of silk textiles to your door. The Katan silk is the most fine, soft and delicately lustrous kind of silk that has made these sarees renowned around the globe. Katan silk fabrics are made using the finest quality of Mulberry Silk in both the warp and the weft, hand-woven in a plain weave.

The ‘chaap’ sarees are both combination of ethnicity and modernity. The beautiful motifs you usually see are inspired by the flora-fauna, day to day activities like hunting scenes and contemporary craft. You will discover the fusion of meenakari, shikargah, rangkaat, aada bel and floral jaal motifs in the collection. The alluring gold and silver zari is the richness of the craft making it an ancient luxury to own and adore the newly wed glamorous brides. The sarees captivate the untold stories of its existence, each woven motif is itself spoken for. It discovered its actual form little by little every day holding an artisans dreams and desires. The textile like this talks of pure compassion towards its maker and to whom it will reach. Like the holy river Ganga the handcrafted textile flows through, holding its own journey for you to understand. Each saree is unique in its own way and each has a story to tell. Silk dyed in heart-warming colors embracing the luxury of this tangible beauty is signifying the joy it sees in you that builds up your confidence to start a new journey having a piece to forever cherish the memories of the day. The collection is not just the memoir of remembrance but an impression to keep, to hold and to own the prints you have left behind and the one’s that is still to be marked. Chaap become the knots that you are bonded to, the memories that are to be made in now and you dwelling into the new commitments. The saree is hand-woven to strengthen those imprints marking your presence in everyone’s heart. The artisans of Banaras have shared the legacy of their possession as a reminder to honour and value the sentiments put into the making of these exceptional sarees.

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Treasure these to pass on the crafted legacy. We believe the elegant beauties in for of these sarees will definitely leave that ‘chaap’ in your heart that will be cherished forever. Be a WeaverStory bride and share the journey of your first impression or thoughts when you find out of these saree which is made definitely for you.