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Recreate These Madhuri Dixit In Saree Looks With WeaverStory’s Ethnic Collection 

Whenever we think of the revolutionary changes in the ethnic trend market, the first influence that immediately comes to our mind is our dear Bollywood’s star studded fashion industry and the godly celebrities that have changed the face of traditional outfits with their iconic looks. But let’s be honest, these upcoming younger heroines haven’t radicalised the Saree trends of 2023 the way the mother of Bollywood, Magnificent Madhuri Dixit, has done with her delicate poses and her ravishing poise. And today, with a meticulous list of brevity, the dexterous and devoted team of  WeaverStory  has aspired to recreate some of the most enchanting ‘Madhuri Dixit in Saree’ looks, in order to pay a dire hearted homage to the Queen of ethnics and pave a path of ease for all the Saree connoisseurs who are searching for a retro and vintage look.


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The Majesty of Madhuri in Kalank

When we talk about our Bollywood queen's ornamental roles in embellished traditional outfits, how can we forget the most recent era of ethnic representation and successful experimentation in the recent hit Kalank? From her jhumkas to her sarees, everything in that movie resonates with the ancient Indian architecture of pre-partition India, paying a hearty tribute to the regal realm of that time. Playing the role of a courtesan while also being respected all over the town, these attributes give Madhuri's character a bit of an edge and her ethnic ensembles a lot of authority and control. Presenting the heavily modernized version of her looks,  WeaverStory presents to you our royal collection in the form of   Handloom Orange Pure Katan Silk Banarasi Saree with Kadhwa Jangla and Pink Border,


where the bright and summery color schemes of orange, red and yellow perfectly go with the iconic color palette of the movie, granting you a certain pedestal among your relatives. 


Handloom Black Pure Katan Silk Banarasi Saree With Kadhwa Bootiis another gem for cocktails and night party.  

Dance on “Didi Tera Devar Deewaana…” in SATIN SILK SAREE

As soon as the wedding bells start to ring, we are instantly reminded of Madhuri’s fanciful and life altering purple Saree look from Hum Aapke Hain Kaun?, the ensemble that made us fall in love with her quintessential nakhras and lovely tantrums. Wrapped in a densely ornamented Saree and the diligent efforts of the native artisans of our heritage, Madhuri’s 90’s essence has been successfully kept alive in  WeaverStory’s heavenly Handloom Purple Pure Katan Silk Kadhwa Jangla Banarasi Saree with Meenakari,


an attire full of bubbly girl extravagance but also with the graceful aesthetic of a sophisticated lady. The duality of purple silhouettes on the fabric go perfectly hand in hand with the Tanchoi Zari hand embroidery, reminding us of the holistic city of Varanasi. Birthed with the admirable Satin Silk filaments of 100% authenticity, the floral and leafy motifs of gold interlacing accentuate the retro vibe and the bright lavender hues exude the confidence and agility required to dance all night long!

“Humko Aajkal Hai Intezaar…” 

The entire Bollywood was blown off the charts with the release of Madhuri’s sultry and bold dance number in 1990 banger Sailaab, and with that, the entire industry fell madly and desperately in love with her green saree look comprising of some midriff flaunting and the gorgeous display of a studded nosepin, along with some green bangles. The whole Marathi persona was flawlessly adopted by Madhuri and  WeaverStory is here to assist you to recreate this ethnic look with our  pure chanderi silk saree.


Our heavenly  Handloom Emerald Green Pure Chanderi Silk Saree With Mashroo Border And Floral Motifs when paired with a  Rajavi Nath Handcrafted With Pearls And Stones ,

Rajavi_Nath_Handcrafted_With_Pearls_And_Stones ,_WeaverStory

can pay a heartily tribute to the regal heroine, while also making you the sexiest of the creations. While the piousness of the  chanderi silk and the elegant  Mashroo Border, broadens the scope of modesty, the sharp green tone of the Chanderi Silk Saree transforms the submissive lady into a sexy femme fatale. Finish off this look with some dewy and Smokey eye makeup to enhance the zeal.

Devdas....A Saga


Black Banarasi Handloom Saree with Kadhwa Meenakari Border and Konia - Buy here

Saree has a rich red selvedge and tanchoi blouse. Recreate this Epic look with our exclusive handwoven sarees collection. 

‘Dil Toh Pagal Hai’ Minimalism in Sheer TISSUE SILK SAREE

What makes Madhuri Dixit’s Dil Toh Pagal Hai look so iconic is her perpetual simplicity and innocence, that is resonated in the transparency of her sheer and flimsy fabric. Keeping the minimalism of her character in mind, her ethnic costumes are designed to be highly feminine and mildly seductive with plunging necklines. With  WeaverStory, you get to recreate this revolutionary style with our unadulterated  Chanderi Tissue Silk Saree, prominently known far and wide for its comfortability, versatility and resistance.


Our stunningly alluring  Light Pink Handloom Pure Cotton Silk Chanderi Saree With Gold Border is a win win situation during the upcoming heat wave as the  Chanderi Silk will keep you consistently cool and breezy. While the ingenious and innovative pastel color palettes are a mark of the twenty first century modernity, the craftsmanship of  chanderi silk saree have always narrated a story behind their paramount creation. 

Madhuri’s Famous Monochromatic Greens in MOONGA SILK SAREES

There is absolutely no debate in this fact that Green is the color of Madhuri Dixit. Whether it’s in the song “Joote Do Paise Lo…” or in Devdas, she carries the color with extreme devotion and care. With this in mind, our dexterous team at  WeaverStory brings to you an intensive and modernized version of the heavily studded Madhuri look in darker hues through our magnum opus  Green Handloom Moonga Silk Saree With Kashmiri Tilla Hand Embroidery,


with utmost hard work and dedication of the artisans’ manual labour and skill. The impenetrable gold of Kashmiri hand embroidery perfectly compliments the emerald hues of dark green, creating a hypnotising web of innovation and traditionality. The fabric of   Moonga Silk, which took birth in the green and vital state of Assam, was previously reserved only for the royal families, thus providing you with a sense of majesty and sublimity while wearing these historical relics. The tints of golden yellow also add to the expensive taste and utter durability of the saree.  

Say "Ek, Do, Teen…" With Our Number One Organza Silk Sarees

If there's one look that should mandatorily be added to this list of Madhuri's iconic saree inspired looks, it's the majestic hot pink aura that made her dance the night away in Tezaab's "Ek, Do, Teen… ". The hair, the costume, the pastel fuchsia makeup, everything was just… chef's kiss! So how about we give it a little mix up and blend it with a little innovation to design a sexy, sultry and seductive ethnic ensemble for a wedding reception. Our friendly team at  WeaverStory brings to you the quintessential relic of the past in the form of our  Hot Pink Handloom Embroidered Organza Saree With Raw Silk Blouse - Buy Now.


The amalgamation of a lightweight and slippery  Organza Saree along with a densely hand crafted  Raw Silk blouse is going to make you look like a modern day Madhuri Dixit, with a little twist. 

Author - Ayushi Sikka