Reviving the Tradition of Kurta Pajama Again in 2023

Traditions and special celebratory events always make you want to dress up like a showstopper, and why not? With a million options available, dressing up in ultra-chic outfits and looking like a million dollars yourself comes easy, doesn’t it? All the excitement of selecting an elegant outfit, experimenting with its styling, and making an entrance went down the drain during the pandemic. However, now that socializing is back on the table, you are bound to be showered with invitations for glamorous wedding ceremonies, fun-filled family get-togethers, sumptuous cocktail nights, and many more traditional festivities.

With invitations flooding your table and perhaps even your emails, the anxiety about stocking up on your traditional outfits must have been on the rise. Switching from the comfort of loungewear clothes to festive must-haves must be giving you styling amnesia, isn’t it? Don’t worry! With this article, we bring to you quintessential men’s kurta pajama set options and quick tips to style them well for several special events. These upgraded, stylized men's wear  selections are perfect for both casual and traditional settings, and the tips will help you experiment with your personal style and give you a different look for every occasion. Without further ado, let’s dive right into exploring the WeaverStory lookbook for men’s wedding kurtas and kurta sets you can slay through a multitude of celebratory occasions.

The Classic-Contemporary Look

A fashion-forward man who likes to maintain his image as the style icon of the crowd is someone who invests in timeless pieces that not only look great on multiple occasions in a variety of settings but are also easy to experiment with their style with.


The  Pista Green Raw Silk Kurta Churidar Set, for example, is a quintessential classic-contemporary masterpiece that will help you make an entrance in both traditional and casual settings. The green men’s kurta is made out of raw silk and designed with an eye-catching band collar and button placket. The comfortable, equally elegant churidar pajama is a free-size item that will allow you to dance freely through events without facing any discomfort.

Style tip: This raw silk masterwork looks great as is for casual occasions like a Holi party or a close family gathering.


You can, however, pair it with our  Offwhite Handcrafted Raw Silk Stitched Nehru Jacket with Dabka Hand Embroidery to leave lasting impressions on everyone you meet in a traditional setting such as your cousin’s mehendi ceremony or an A-listers’ Diwali night. The zardozi hand embroidery intricately crafted on the raw silk surface adds a touch of royalty and elegance to the jacket. Overall, the outfit is destined to make you look like a million dollars.

The Man of the Hour Look

There is nothing more elegant than a man who knows how to style his outfits and is no stranger to making heads turn. There are very few men's wear outfits that can make a man look breathtakingly handsome, and we have got you just that.


The  Handcrafted Dark Blue Raw Silk Pathani Stitched Kurta with Salwar is the bold choice you will not regret making! While the blue men’s kurta is a raw silk Pathani masterpiece that keeps you hooked on its aesthetic appeal, the ultra-chic salwar is breathable enough to let you slay through a broad spectrum of events on your list. This outfit will serve as an indispensable element in your closet every time you wish to make a statement. From glamorous cocktail nights to sumptuous wedding receptions, this outfit will be your best bet to leave everyone stunned by your dazzling look.


Style tip: While the kurta set looks drop-dead gorgeous all by itself, adding a  blue Nehru jacket with a velvet surface richly adorned with Resham hand embroidery will make you stand out from the crowd. This look is perfect for casual events and luxurious parties. You can also wear the Pathani with an extraordinarily appealing navy blue pashmina shawl for winter weddings.

The Powerful, Dashing Look

Men who exude power, authority, and eloquence often seek outfits in bold colors like black. This highly captivating color oozes elegance and transforms any simple design into a statement piece.


There is no going wrong with a black kurta pajama, especially, when it comes to WeaverStory's  Black Raw Silk Kurta Set. Whether you wear it to a casual gathering or a high-class cocktail party, this conversation starter is fated to make you the talk of the town. For a man to look debonair and classy, a black kurta set is the perfect wardrobe addition.


Style tip: You can wear a magnificent work of art like this with a  deep blue Tanchoi Nehru jacket for a sangeet night or a sumptuous cocktail party, or you can pick a quirky style by pairing the black masterwork with fancy sneakers for a more casual look.

The Subtle, Scene-stealer Look

White is a timeless color that suits every man and blends well into just about any aesthetic it is added to. A white men’s kurta is a quintessential addition to any man’s wardrobe to slay through a multitude of events. The simplicity of the color makes it easier for one to focus on experimenting with a variety of styles.



The Offwhite Raw Silk Kurta Set was meticulously designed and crafted to offer you a wide range of styling possibilities. This timeless look may fit perfectly for your best friend’s haldi ceremony, Holi party, or perhaps just a small pooja ceremony at your place.

Style tip: There is no comparison to the elegance of charming whites. While the kurta set is destined to look great all by itself, watch yourself add the "glam" to the "glamorous" when paired with a hot pink Nehru jacket. You can even make a bold choice by pairing it with a black blazer and black formal shoes. When looking for a quirky look, add a contemporary twist to a subtle outfit with eccentric sneakers. You can even leave everyone feeling flabbergasted by how handsome you look by pairing the white outfit with a heavily embellished dupatta.

When it comes to styling and fashion apparel, WeaverStory always has your back! These are just a few of the many stylish men's wear kurta sets; you can explore more on our website. Stay tuned to WeaverStory for more such style tips and heirloom-worthy outfits.

Author: Simran Shaikh