Statement Wedding Jewellery: An Exquisite Display of Royalty by WeaverStory

Wedding Jewellery is an indispensable accoutrement to a bride’s wedding trousseau. Especially when it comes to Indian weddings, bridal jewellery holds incalculable sentimental value as it comprises heirloom jewellery pieces bestowed upon the bride by her grandmother and mother. This treasure trove of memories is so much more than just the accessories she adorns through her wedding ceremonies or perhaps saves for special occasions coming later. Brides today, even with a contemporary approach, have a newfound awareness of traditional bridal jewellery and are seeking ways to infuse the classics into modern-day bridal aesthetics. Brides today have turned out to be more self-aware and have a discerning eye when it comes to picking anything and everything for their wedding.

Knowing exactly what she wants, an Indian bride today is destined to break through any traditional constraints and pave her way to setting up the wedding themes, locations, and aesthetics just the way she dreamed of her D-day. The contemporary makeover is not just restricted to her wedding day outfit or the rituals that are going to take place, but also includes her Wedding Jewellery. Brides looking to bridge the gap between contemporary fashion and traditional craftsmanship, look for classic Jewellery pieces that are richly decorated with delicate Swarovski stones or timeless moissanite polki stones and pearls. Embracing the wedding attire with such imperial pieces comes with the impeccable fashion taste of a select few.

WeaverStory Wedding Jewellery: An Ethereal Charm of Pure Silver Crafted with Brilliance

WeaverStory understands the requirements of a modern-day bride and offers standout creations sourced from none other than the land known for brilliance in Jewellery craftsmanship – Jaipur. Each piece handcrafted by ingenious WeaverStory artisans is inspired by the crafting techniques, styles, and designs of the Mughal era. With influences from Persia and, of course, the personal preferences of the royals of the Mughal families, each masterpiece is a telltale of the finest craftsmanship and imperial designs that make the bride look like a queen of the yester-era. Let us give you a glimpse of some exquisite WeaverStory jewellery pieces you can adorn at various pre-wedding ceremonies as well as on your D-day.

The Classic-Contemporary Wedding Jewellery for Haldi

For the most happening pre-wedding ceremony, Haldi, we suggest you ditch the hand settings and instead play with accessories surrounding your face.



Embracing the ethereal charm of an age-old heritage comes easy with the Hemani Moissanite Polki Necklace Set. Pairing this exquisite work of art with an arresting piece of Jewellery such as the Hanifah Handcrafted In Pure Silver Moissanite Polki Maangtika would be the best decision you could make.

Both of these iconic artworks are made out of gold-plated pure silver and adorned with the magnificence of timeless moissanite polki stones and an exquisite display of beautiful pearl hangings. The Hemani bridal necklace set lures you with the moissanite polki bore hangings and possesses the ability to enhance the elegance of your Haldi outfit like no other! Regardless of whether you adhere to the modern-day themes and wear a yellow outfit or choose to experiment with your bridal closet and pick bold colors like blue or purple, this Jewellery set is destined to blend well with any look you pick.

Modernising the Traditional Mehendi Attire with Ethereal Jewellery

The cosiest, fun-filled yet relaxing pre-wedding ceremony demands jewellery pieces that let you feel comfortable yet make you look drop-dead gorgeous. Since you are going to apply the auspicious henna all over your hands, we recommend you opt for a lightweight, hand-embroidered zardozi lehenga along with a high-neck silk blouse. You can then add the "extra" to the "extraordinary" to your outfits by adorning yourself with the Akshara bridal earrings and the imperial Surajmukhi matha tikka.


The exquisite matha tikka is richly adorned in pearls and moissanite polki stones. These pieces of Jewellery do not comprise colored stones, which makes it ideal to pair them with a variety of outfits. These are destined to look supremely elegant with both traditional sarees, lehengas, or dress suits and fusion wear outfits like pantsuits and pant sarees.

Dressing to the nines for the sangeet

Sangeet is the time for a blast, where you dance your heart out and enjoy every bit of the celebration in one night. The sangeet night calls for regal additions to your designer outfits. The Gulnaar choker will prove to be a glamorous addition to your contemporary glimmery saree or perhaps even a sequined lehenga. While the green stone surrounded by ethereal Moissanite Polki stones in the pendant can seamlessly steal the hearts of everyone around, the pink beads and timeless pearl hangings add a touch of elegance and opulence to the choker. You can also add oomph to your style quotient with the Pariza ring. The dreamy ring adds grace and poise to your outfit. Both of these enchanting pieces of jewellery can make you feel comfortable while dancing through the night while also ensuring that all eyes are on you!

The Dreamy Bride in Her Imperial Aesthetic

And just when your heart feels happy and content after enjoying the pre-wedding ceremonies, comes the D-day when you have to bid adieu to the family you grew up in to enter a family that will grow with you. The bridal entry must be a dream you have been planning for ever since you were a little girl. The emotional, teary eyes of everyone at the venue, the slow wedding music, and your groom waiting at the end of the aisle to begin a new journey that will last a lifetime; you walking down the aisle in a dreamy bridal lehenga and fine traditional jewellery that has been keeping everyone hooked on how beautiful you look.

Handcrafted Manorama Ring with Moissanite Polki in Pure Silver



Isn’t this exactly how you pictured your D-day? To get the look, you can pair your exquisite lehenga with our Aasia jewellery set for wedding. To make your look appear even more heavenly, wear the Munira bangles on both wrists along with the handcrafted Manorama ring from our wedding jewellery collection. With an enticing bridal necklace set and hand-setting pieces like these, you are destined to look as royal as a queen.

Contemporary Bridal Jewellery for a Sumptuous Wedding Reception

Wedding receptions are generally the most lavish celebrations of all time. It is the one wherein the couple meets the guests as "married" for the first time. The occasion calls for ethereal Swarovski jewellery. If you are a bride with impeccable taste in fashion, you are fated to turn heads with the Areeba Necklace Set With Swarovski And Melons Handcrafted In Pure Silver


The necklace set is an exquisite display of delicate Swarovski stones adorned with watermelon tourmaline and pearl hangings. Regardless of whether you pair the set with a gown, a saree, or perhaps even a lehenga, you are destined to make a statement like never before!

Now that you have explored some of our finest Wedding Jewellery pieces, you can explore many more through our website. We hope you liked this wedding-based article. Stay tuned to explore more wedding outfits and Wedding Jewellery options.

Author: Simran Shaikh