TEEJ: The Monsoon Festival


“आज सावनिया री तीज रे सखी हिंडो मंडो हिंडन चाला ये
बठे आवेला म्हारा श्याम धणी जरा दर्शन पावा रे हिंडन चाला ये”
- folksong




Let’s dive into the authenticity of the Teej festival celebrated yearly during the saavan season to mark the reunion of Goddess Parvati with Lord Shiva. With enthusiasm, women come together dressed in green clothes adorned with striking jewellery and henna like a new bride and keep fast for the long life of their husband to Mata Parvati. The unmarried women do fasting to get a husband like Lord Shiva. The festival is celebrated in different regions with varied rituals. Women make clay statues of Goddess Parvati and Lord Shiva and worship her to bless them with good fortune. A swing is set, embraced with flowers and folk songs are sung while swinging.

As the tale recites, Mata Sati dies of mortification and has to take 108 rebirths to keep praying for Lord Shiva to accept her as his wife. Her dedication and devotion made Lord Shiva happy and he married her when she took birth as Parvati, hence it is said that praying to them on this day blesses a woman with marital bliss. Celebrated on the arrival of Monsoon the Teej is known as haryali “greenery”. 

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While every state has its own traditions and rituals to celebrate a festival, the devotees of Lord Krishna decorate the idol of radha- krishna and jhoolas in temples of Vrindavan and chant mantras while dancing and celebrating the new life. Whereas, in some places the procession of goddess parvati adorned with floral decorations is taken around the city and celebrated with folk dance. We follow what we acquire, as we always see the deities as they are presented in the most common costume which is dhoti and saree. During the festival or pooja we try to blend in with the aura and be a part of the tradition and ethnicity of the surroundings, Saree becomes the tradition and it merges with the adopted environment. Every woman is a goddess and every woman should be adorned.


The jhulan ritual is magnificent in itself. The swings are hanged on trees decorated with flowers to celebrate fertility of the festival; swinging they sing songs and dance and all the women do the same one by one following the ritual of the festivity. 16 adornments are offered to Goddess Parvati during the pooja as a part of the ritual and married women also adorn themselves in 16 shringar to get blessing and harmony in married life by praying to the deity, some of it include bindi, heena, sindoor, bangles, etc.

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