Top 4 Exclusive Sarees for Summer Weddings by WeaverStory

Summer weddings may not be everyone’s favourite but the choice of beautiful pastel hues and lightweight fabrics may tempt you to join in the wedding festivities. Summer is the only season when you can dress up however you want, without having to worry about draping a shawl around your dreamy lehenga like in the winters or stepping into a pool of mud like during the monsoons. You will be spoiled with unlimited styling options for your wedding day in the summer season. From different sleeve patterns to a plethora of unique colour options and comfortable fabrics, everything about a summer wedding outfit is astounding.

Summer Season x Wedding Outfits

We understand that it can be challenging for a bride or perhaps even for a bridesmaid to pick an outfit for the summer wedding. Everything goes into critical thinking, from finding the right saree that perfectly matches your wedding theme and the comfort of the material to the colors and design of the saree. We at WeaverStory understand the requirements of our brides and customers alike; hence, we promise to bring you breezy, supremely elegant summer sarees you must add to your wedding trousseau.

Tips for Choosing the Best Summer Sarees for a Summer Wedding

Picking your summer wedding saree is not a task done in a breeze. While the aesthetic appeal of several handlooms will allure you towards making a purchase, it is important to understand that the material, design, and colour of the saree will significantly impact your look and comfort throughout the day. You must pick summer sarees that are captivating to the eyes, comfortable for your body, and breathable enough to let you slay through the day. If you are curious to find a masterpiece like this, consider these things before making a purchase.

The Fabric

You wouldn't want to dress up in a magnificent dark wine velvet saree for a June wedding, would you? You must consider the scorching heat and the venue before picking your summer wedding saree. You must pick the one that is lightweight and made out of a breathable, unique-coloured fabric adorned with beautiful designs to make you look like you have come straight from the heavens.

Breezy Handlooms

Handlooms, however, alluring as they look, are not always heavier to feel. There are extraordinarily appealing handwoven fabrics that are breezy and breathable enough to let you get through the day without causing discomfort. Summer cotton sarees are among the best picks for a summer wedding. However, you can also explore options like tissue Chanderi, hand-woven organza, cotton silk, kora tissue, and more. Such fabrics are precisely handcrafted by expert artisans and are known to be lightweight as well as extraordinarily appealing to the eyes.

The Colors

Considering the blazing summer, top fashion designers often suggest opting for pastel colors sarees for summer weddings. These happy, opulent colors are easy to style with other colors and can blend well with diverse prints and designs. Plus, pastels are staple summer wedding colors as they are ideal shades to beat the heat and have the ability to feel breezy enough throughout the day. Brides today consider pastel sarees as trendsetters and find different ways to incorporate them into their wedding ceremonies.

Selecting the best handloom sarees for summer weddings can be challenging enough, especially if you want to look out-of-this-world beautiful. Regardless of whether you are a fashionista bridesmaid who wants to look like a showstopper or a beautiful bride who wants to make a dreamy entrance walking down the aisle, we understand your needs. Hence, we bring you our best summer wedding picks to slay a summer wedding.

The Timeless Off-White Handloom


This  off-white Maheshwari is an alluring weave perfect for south Indian weddings. This magnificent work of art from our phenomenal Mehrunisa collection is a lightweight, check-textured Maheshwari cotton silk saree adorning a pallu that is decorated with intricate Gota Patti motifs that bring out its elegance. The delicate, handmade tassels decorated along the border of this fine Maheshwari saree serve as its charming factor. Just pair this timeless saree with a beautiful gold necklace set and add a string of mogra flowers in your bun to complete the look.

The Captivating Pink Handloom


This pastel pink handloom is perfect for summer weddings. Everything about this saree is admirable and worthy of appreciation. This extraordinary silhouette is made out of lightweight tissue Silk and features supremely elegant weave motifs. Each thread of this Banarasi saree is precisely crafted by hand by the finest craftsmen of Banaras. This summer saree is perfect for a bridesmaid looking to leave lasting impressions on everyone at her best friend’s wedding.

The Staple Green and Purple Handloom


Everything about this Hot Pink Chanderi Silk Saree screams summer weddings. The alluring .Just pair this work of art with an eye-catching gold-plated necklace set adorned with timeless pearls, and you are good to go.

The Supremely Elegant Organza Saree


This  mustard-colored summer saree is the finest masterpiece that showcases artworks from two different regions. The Banarasi fabric is handcrafted by expert Banarasi craftsmen, and the enticing hand embroidery is an artwork from the artists of Bareilly. This statement piece is perfect for brides and bridesmaids who desire to make a showstopping entrance. The fabric is lightweight and breezy enough to let you slay through the day. Just pair this mesmerizing work of art with a multi-colored necklace set and be prepared to be showered with compliments.

WeaverStory understands the requirements of a summer bride and promises to offer you incredible summer sarees that will make you look straight out of a dream. While these are just a few of our exquisite summer saree collections, you can look for more on our website.

Author: Simran Shaikh