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Deepika Padukone, one of the most stunning and talented actresses of Bollywood, has always managed to captivate us with her beauty and grace. She is known for her impeccable style and fashion sense, and one of her signature looks is wearing Sarees. Whether it is on the red carpet or on-screen, Deepika never fails to leave a lasting impression with her Saree looks. In this blog, we will explore the charm of Deepika Padukone in a saree and take a closer look at some of her most memorable saree moments.


The timeless elegance of the saree has always been a favorite of Deepika Padukone. She has often been spotted wearing sarees at various events and occasions, and she knows how to pull off the traditional look with panache. She has been seen wearing sarees in a variety of styles, from classic silk Sarees to contemporary designer sarees, and she has managed to look stunning in all of them. Her saree looks are a perfect blend of modern and traditional, and she has always managed to stand out in a crowd. 

One of Deepika's most memorable saree looks was at the Cannes Film Festival in 2022. The whole look was nothing short of perfection, and it left us all in awe. She made waves at the 75th Cannes Film Festival in her last ensemble, a white ruffled saree by Abu Jani-Sandeep Khosla. She added a dramatic and gorgeous pearl necklace and her makeup included contoured cheeks and kohl-rimmed eyes.  With her hair up in a neat bun and complimenting nude makeup, she looked nothing less than a Greek goddess. Here are a few sarees from the WeaverStory that can help you emulate her style - 


Handloom Cream Moonga Silk Saree Kashmiri Tilla Embroidery

Another memorable saree look of Deepika was in the movie "Chennai Express." She played the role of Meenamma, a South Indian girl, and her saree looks in the movie were a perfect reflection of her character. She was seen wearing a variety of colorful sarees, with traditional gold jewellery and flowers in her hair. Her saree looks in the movie were a perfect blend of South Indian tradition and modern style, and they 

Kanjivaram silk sarees, also known as Kanchipuram sarees, are exquisite and timeless continue to inspire saree lovers to this day. pieces of art that originated in the town of Kanchipuram in Tamil Nadu, India. Renowned for their lustrous silk fabric and intricate handwoven designs, these sarees are a symbol of elegance and opulence. Crafted meticulously by skilled weavers, Kanjivaram silk sarees are made from pure mulberry silk and feature elaborate patterns inspired by nature, temples, and traditional motifs. The sarees are characterized by their vibrant colors, heavy golden zari work, and wide contrasting borders. The weaving process involves dyeing the silk threads before they are skillfully hand-loomed into the sarees. Kanjivaram silk sarees are highly sought after for weddings, festivals, and special occasions.


They are cherished for their rich texture, durability, and the sense of cultural heritage they represent. The timeless beauty of Kanjivaram silk sarees has transcended generations, making them a prized possession for women across India and around the world. Whether worn by brides, celebrities, or women celebrating important milestones, Kanjivaram silk sarees exude grace and sophistication, making them a treasured heirloom and a testament to India's rich textile tradition. Have a look at a few beautiful  Kanjivaram silk sarees from the WeaverStory that will remind you of the silks Deepika Padukone wore in Chennai Express - 


Deepika's love for sarees is evident from her social media accounts as well. She often shares pictures of herself in sarees, and she knows how to make heads turn with her saree looks. One of her recent saree looks was at the wedding of her friend, where she wore a stunning red saree by Sabyasachi. The saree was paired with a matching blouse, and she accessorized the look with traditional pearl and ruby jewellery. The whole look was simple yet elegant, and it showcased her love for traditional attire. At the WeaverStory we have a beautiful selection of Chanderi silk sarees that can come to your rescue when you want a look similar to that of Deepika Padukone. Chanderi silk sarees are a testament to the exquisite craftsmanship of the weavers from the town of Chanderi in Madhya Pradesh, India. These sarees are known for their lightweight and sheer texture, making them perfect for all seasons. Made from a blend of silk and cotton, Chanderi sarees feature intricate motifs, delicate zari work, and fine handwoven patterns that add an ethereal charm to the fabric. The beautiful blend of traditional and contemporary designs, coupled with the rich heritage of Chanderi weaving, makes these sarees a popular choice for special occasions and celebrations, reflecting the elegance and grace of Indian culture.

Chanderi Sarees

 Here are a few sarees in rich and regal red from the  WeaverStory that can aid your next Deepika-inspired look - 


Deepika Padukone has always been a trendsetter when it comes to fashion, and her saree looks are no exception. She has been seen wearing sarees in a variety of styles, from classic silk sarees to contemporary designer sarees, and she has managed to look stunning in all of them. Her saree looks have inspired many women to embrace traditional attire and make it a part of their wardrobe. Deepika Padukone is a true icon when it comes to saree fashion. Her love for sarees is evident in her style, and she knows how to make heads turn with her saree looks. She has managed to pull off the traditional look with panache, and elegance. At the WeaverStory, you can find some stunning sarees that are perfect for weddings, festivals, or any special occasion. Pair them up with some statement jewellery and you are sure to make heads turn.

Author - Aditi Bapna