Women in WeaverStory- Dr. Sapna Sinha


Every Saree has a story, a story weaved with love by artisans working for days putting their heart and soul in it. The masterpiece is then adorned by a beautiful woman who graces it with confidence  and love, there begins the story telling of that saree. We call it a piece of art, because it’s unique, precious, and one of a kind. 

Dr. Sapna said, “The Best place for Banarasi Sarees that look and feel as they do in the catalog. I am probably one of the biggest fans of WeaverStory and each saree I have bought (online mind you-all of them) has been a pleasure to wear and enjoy. The sales staff is very helpful. Don’t think twice. Buy a saree but an heirloom piece, only from WeaverStory.” 


She definitely did justice to this royal blue beauty. With a simple hair bun and some precious gold jewellery, we can feel the elegance pouring from every corner. 

Nothing is more satisfactory than happy customers. It is an absolute pleasure to dress our customers and make them fall in love with our precious Banarasi collection. Dr. Sapna is one of our most graceful customers. We wish her lots of happiness and hope she continues to enjoy her outfits by WeaverStory.

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