Women in Weaver Story- Nivedita Koppiker

Women in Weaver Story- Nivedita Koppiker


A timeless classic, the saree is a timeless beauty, that never gets out of fashion and can be graced upon at any time of the year. It has a quintessential Indian touch, graceful and oh so charming. Majority of the women in our country still enjoy the simple pleasure of looking gorgeous in a saree.

Our dearest Nivedita, is a woman of taste, with a soft heart for sarees. She is a strong lady, with a sophisticated fashion sense. Detailed Handloom Blue Banarasi saree

“I chanced upon Weaver Story on Facebook in 2017 & was just mesmerized by their beautiful collection of Banarasi Saree. This is how my ties with Weaver Story began. It’s a pleasure to shop on their website. The saree quality is exquisite & they are packaged very well. They have excellent service.”, said Nivedita while expounding her love for the brand. 

Detailed handloom yellow Banarasi Saree with borders

Nivideta has purchased some of our most exclusive weaves, from a Banarasi to a Chanderi, Kanjeevaram, Patola, Tusser Georgette she has graced them all very elegantly. What makes us happier is the way she carries them so effortlessly, most of the women consider wearing a  saree a hassle. It is in fact considered as one of the comfiest clothing. 

Handloom red Chanderi and green Banarasi sarees with detailed borders

Nivedita in our festive weaves

Shop our chanderi sarees hereHandloom pink Banarasi saree with gold Zari Handloom pink silk Banarasi saree with detailed borders

This beautiful pink banarasi saree is woven in pure katan silk and in kadhwa weave with meenakari. This was the first saree that came off the loom and is special as it helped us realise an important dream of getting young girls onboard and getting them involved in the handloom weaving industry. Dominated by men for generations this one was a tough goal we set ourselves to. It took us 1.5 years to realise this dream and what a delight it was to see the first saree come off the loom. As we expand and add more hands to make more of this timeless classics we often reminisce the days spent in convincing the family members to allow these young girls to come forward and weave and also become financially independent.

“This came to me as a surprise, and I was left mesmerised looking at the details of this piece”, said Nivedita. Handmade with love and after tireless working hours, she definitely did justice to this masterpiece. 

We at Weaver Story are overwhelmed with Nivedita’s love for the brand. She has an exquisite taste when it comes to picking the right piece of art crafted by our artisans. Thank you for trusting us Nivedita, it has been an honour to style you in our traditional shades of love.

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