Drapes Of Democracy : Deepa Gopinath

A vibrant & colorful personality, Deepa Gopinath after adding many feathers on her Marketing Cap with the Outlook Group, TBWA & other such big names, is now working as an Associate Publisher with Open Media Network. 

“I remember when I first adorned a Saree , it was a defining moment in my life.”

In all her meetings, events & parties, Saree have held a prolific value for Ms. Deepa since the start of her professional journey. She smiles with affection as she recalls a conversation about sarees from a few days ago, it was then when she realized that saree has been an integral part of her life for a long, long time now. This is what happens to friends who have been quietly comforting us & providing us space for ease, therein lies the beauty of a saree. It is a silent companion of an Indian woman, one that never fails you!



Handloom Gold Tissue Silk Kadhwa Jangla Banarasi Saree


Neatly designed handwoven Classic Saree is a Multi use piece to own. The graceful Saree has been handcrafted with the Purity katan silk fabric. It comes with a brocade blouse piece in same shade with work on the borders. This graceful saree can be worn as a formal and casual wear too.

Like many other stories, Ms. Deepa’s recollections of her first acquaintance-later love for Saree begins with her mother’s drapes. Her mother would wear cotton sarees at all times, starched to crisp perfection, “It would rustle!”, she grins at the recollection. When she was around 16, she draped her first saree at her native village. This was an occasion of family visit to a temple, where they did not allow salwar-kameez for girls even. Therefore it was decided that she would  borrow her aunt’s saree & blouse for this purpose. And extraordinary as it was, Ms. Deepa felt all grown-up and beautiful with poise. The saree draped very well, the memory became core and joyous.

It was a defining moment of my life.

Saree are a no-hassle, works-for-all-setup, comfort clothing for women. They are fabulous, they are stylish & a Saree provides you with a variety of draping styles. There are so many options available with a saree today, accessories, draping styles, fabric choice & whatnot. The younger generation should make creative use of this & get inspired to be the carriers of culture integrated with modernity. 

The younger generation should start looking at sarees, its comfortable, versatile, fantastic six yards of beautiful attire.”

There is not much that you cannot do with a Saree on, you see- she remembers times when she had jumped & run in a saree. Saree is an adornment of confidence, elegance & poise-  You can run, jump, reach heights & delve deep- You can be free in a Saree