Drapes Of Democracy : Anshu Khanna

Anshu Khanna is a woman of many mights, she has successfully created a wave of creative communication in the country. Restoration & Revival of ancient cultural heritage products has been her calling for some time now. 

“The best part of Saree, I think, is that it can be anything- both formal & informal.”

Anshu Khanna is a widely-acclaimed writer, columnist & Editor & has worked as Bureau Chief for Magna Publications for about 4 months. She is also a visiting faculty at one of the most prestigious Fashion campuses in India- NIFT Delhi. She teaches Creative Writing & PR to undergraduates at the Institute. She is also the founder of one of the art connoisseur brands- Royal Fables Pvt. Ltd. It showcases our regal history with panache & has actively brought many cultural practices like the Palace Karkhana into the picture again. Additionally, she has also founded one of India’s first lifestyle communications ateliers - Good world Media Services, wherein she has launched & promoted many significant creative personalities of India.




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Since the inception of her beloved- Royal Fables, she has been engrossed in the history & art culture of ancient times, she has worked with master artisans, weavers & has been able to bring the ancient legacy of stitching in the palaces, wherein master weavers would direct the royal scions in weave-work. Reviving some forgotten weaves has been her passion for almost a decade now. Sarees are an integral part of this journey & her life. Anshu wears a saree everyday, from meetings with ministers, to teaching in college to chilling with friends, her Sarees have her covered! 

Restoration of ancient heirlooms & weaves also holds a special place in her heart- she tells us about restoration of some of her mother's old Sarees, the value of drape & the relevance of it in an Indian woman’s wardrobe & much more.  Grab the exclusive collection of hand crafted unique sarees at Weaver Story