Drapes of Democracy : Dr. Rita Jairath

An epitome of strength, resilience & love, Dr. Rita Jairath has quite literally successfully removed all barriers that her life presented with persistence & bravery. A global icon & yet grounded to perfection, learn about Dr. Rita’s life story here. 

“If you have determination & will, the world cannot stop you from achieving what you are truly meant to do.”




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Dr. Jairath had a very difficult childhood & almost grew up in the neighboring households because of her absent & arduous parents. A beacon of patience & with cosmic survival instincts, Dr. Rita is now a global icon despite all the turbulence & represents India after decades of hardships that life & people brought upon her. She got married very early to escape the tyrannous situations of her home, but her marriage too did not fare very well. She had decided that she will right all the wrongs by giving her child the best possible parenting & life. But fates again had different plans for her & her only child was born autistic. This was the 1980s & the neuro divergent spectrum was still in its initial exploration stage, especially the autistic spectrum. But, Dr. Rita refused to give up, she decided that she will make her son's life better at any cost. Thus began her journey of extensive research & super-human determination to win this humongous fight. 

When her son was 10, he developed an interest for physical fitness & to align with his wishes, Dr. Rita joined the gym with him. She soon realized she had a natural flair for fitness & strength training. She started showcasing her talent & skill at local body-building competitions & gradually went on to become the first asian woman bodybuilder in the world. The world wasn't ready for this achievement at the ime & she received a lot of societal backlash but she constructed a journey which now has placed her in the dignitaries & one of the most popular female sportsperson in India. In our conversation not once did she flinch, she was constantly beaming with vitality & exuberance.