Drapes of Democracy : Neha Mohanty

A wife, mother, educator & a yoga enthusiast, Neha Mohanty is one but many things. She has added many feathers on her cap & has sailed through the journey of life with confidence & grit. 

“Sarees give me a sense of confidence that matches no other experience.”

Neha is married to an Army Officer & hence by the virtues of commitments, she often has to adorn a saree for events & functions. She gives us a glimpse about a difficult phase of her life when she got to know that she was suffering from postpartum depression. In that time of her life, she was lonely & felt very inadequate, unhappy. This went on for quite some time & things were going downhill without any scope of hope. Her true will surfaced one day when she woke up to realise that she is young, full of life & vitality, if it is determination that is required to cure her of this illness, then she was ready to sail.




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A fighter by all mights, she goes on to tell us that even in those disturbing times of her life, her Sarees managed to give her shimmers of confidence, A Saree has been my true friend in all times of my life!

Because of her husband’s profession, Neha had many travel opportunities, which gave her a chance to explore regional fabrics & saree styles. She is a proud owner of one-too-many Sarees & feels immense love towards them. A friend, a compadre, a true companion of the Indian Woman, a Saree can & will never lose relevance in our culture & that is the beauty of timeless  attires, they never go out of fashion.