Drapes Of Democracy : Rekha Shukla

Rekha Shukla is the current Managing director of Khadi Gram Udyog Board, Chhattisgarh. 

She is constantly around artisans & due to her profession, she is immensely educated in khadi weave & shares her insights on the relevance of it with us.

Khadi as we know was the fabric of freedom. Weaves display cultural heritage.

Before getting into the world of art & culture, Rekha Shukla worked in the Corporate Sector which was a different arena altogether. After she started working with the Khadi Board, she realized the implications of our culture that Khadi carries. She goes on to tell us that Khadi wove the Indian Independence Struggle completely, there are so many stories of heroism that revolve around the Swadeshi Movement- a movement to identify & accept Indian weave of Khadi as national clothing fabric.




A rich tradition that displayed its flamboyant simplicity must be taken further & the people of India have embraced Khadi with similar relevance. Khadi still holds tremendous value in the displays of culture & patriotism. All the government dignitaries are often seen adorning a Khadi woven apparel. 

This rich culture of Indian Heritage is found in every household of India. Almost every girl in India has experienced the first insight about a Saree in her home- mothers, grandmothers, elder aunts & cousins, adorning saree. It is so simplistic & basic that we don't pay attention to the innateness that this piece of fabric brings with it. 

Rich tradition that was taken further. Khadi as we all know is the fabric of freedom. Every girl in India has experienced her first glimpse of saree at home with their mother & grandmother. All our gracious ministers & dignitaries in India adorn sarees . Sarees are a gift from our culture & it will forever be identified as such.