Drapes Of Democracy : Sarah Nitin Rawat

Sarah Nitin Rawat runs her own NGO called Indian Braveheart's wherein she organizes & upholds social diversity by running campaigns for girls & neuro-divergent children, especially autistic children. She is also an expert freelancer with various advertising agencies. 

Saree is a feeling, an emotion for me!”




"Banarasi Patola Sarees" are handwoven classics handcrafted with great expertise and hard work. These sarees are adorned with exquisite zari work and intricate geometrical designs. Beguiling zari work all over the saree makes it relatively heavy which results in magnificent drapes. Style these sarees with the matching blouse piece that comes with it. Add on some fanciful statement jewellery to elevate your look.

Sarah is married to a Naval Officer and as a kid was brought up in a joint family; which is to say (In North India) that she has always been surrounded by saree-clad women. Saree gives such a unique confidence to women of all age-groups & It makes me feel so complete. Saree ascribes us with an identity of our culture & gives us a sense of belongingness. We identify with it innately & almost every Indian woman feels this emotion. It makes you proud! 

Sarah has been very busy in the past few years with her NGO work. Her NGO- Indian Braveheart's works with marginalized sections of our society- mainly girls & neuro-divergent populations. She calls herself a ‘special mother when she tells us about her difficult journey with her autistic child. With a special child it is imperative that the mothers & the caregivers learn to be especially uneducated themselves. There is a dearth of this, people often don't understand how to be around children with special needs. This needs to change & she has been constantly edging our society into accepting that. Awareness, education & initiative is the only way to help innocent children. Besides this, she also engages as an expert freelancer with the advertising industry. 

What Sarah is doing makes us proud members of the society that she engages in. She is a fierce orator & often is seen in public meetings around raising awareness for ADSD.