Drapes of Democracy : The Saree Trail

Drapes of Democracy : The Saree Trail

From ceremonies to any war, it shared with me all the drape that held my confidence, handwoven in the stories to be told.

The first evidence of a draped cloth was seen in the Indus Valley Civilization. Later developed into a saree, the Journey began with cotton, the most cultivated fiber in Indian history. Also, as mentioned in Rig Veda saree was worn by the goddess in our Indian culture. Saree brings a sense of liberation and belonging.

“Drapes of Democracy” is a timeless journey of the saree that belongs to you, for you, by you. Be a storyteller to narrate your own story. WeaverStory.com is taking the initiative to hold the campaign and celebrate our global community to bind together and come along to celebrate the saree that has always been an essential part of one’s wardrobe. 

“From birth to death, In the shades of red to white, I have seen it all, the laughter and crying. The lives may come and go But my existence stayed upright.” ‘The saree trail’ is the narrative of every saree sovereign, who found themselves in an exclusive piece of textile, those who identify themselves in it and hold a trail of emotions and memory with their favourite “Saree.”

 The memory that stayed and waited for you to deliver their tale through your experience. 75 years of Independence and a millennial of saree’s existence. I sailed my ship a long before ,I became a part of the independence war, I existed in all the dances you create, I got all the dirt on me for everyone’s sake.

I stayed through the speeches you gave ,Promising the mother earth to save even if you make it to grave, I touched and breathe the air having a millennial taste ,I changed through time, Evolved in yards and different drapes, I remember it all making ‘you’ my sovereign handling my faith.

And the journey continues. Remember how we used to take our mother's dupatta and just tie it around on our younger siblings or any child draping it in the form of a saree. The happiness shared around was irreplaceable. Seeing our mother standing in front of the mirror getting all dressed up, we wished to do the same, apply the bindi and other makeup and just look exactly like her. Whenever we are asked to draw a mother we always drape her into a saree because that identifies her to us. That's how we all see our mothers. The pleats always perfectly set the pallu exactly in its place looking like a goddess in herself, mother's are magic. 

As it evolved through time the saree became versatile. It belongs to all. No matter what, we still find peace holding a saree from our mother whenever she's not around. The drapes have influenced people worldwide that people outside India are being a part of our inherited culture. How do you feel when others appreciate your history and your values? It is definitely a proud moment. Saree builds a story in itself, the way it is woven making it exclusive and delicate showing the extraordinary talent of our finest weavers. It preserves the tale of its out bringing, how it got associated with multiple crafts… traveled across oceans to reach you. It builds a memory to cherish, it holds the emotions of your life experiences, and it becomes an heirloom passed through generations. 

Every mother keeps her wedding saree as she lived her best memory in it and later she wishes to pass on the same feeling to her daughter. Saree is not considered any textile, it holds life and it creates one. 

It's a bond that gets stronger day by day, it gives strength to cope with any worries. It inherits the revolution once formed by our nation warriors when Rani of Jhansi had to take weapons to save her people from British rule, and also when Mahabharat was fought to save Draupadi's Pride, saree stayed through it all. It fought all the wars alone.

The pious independence day trail requires us to wear something that represents our inherited culture and attains the memory of shared stories. Embrace the colors of the nation and the revolutionary handloom that became part of the never forgetting ahimsa war. Find some of the greatest saree looks that bring out the true nationalist in you:

Dive in the courageous orange: Bringing you the authenticity of ancient banarasi craft embedded in pure Katan silk fabric. The orange/ Saffron is the first color in our national flag. Drape the strength and pride of our national warriors. Be the part of the democracy drive and bring out the saree sovereign in you.



The precious whites bringing the peace: White brings peace within you. The second color of our national flag is the revival of ahimsa. Cotton being the most cultivated fibre joined the journey of the khadi movement. The lustrous jamdani is the weave for most of our political people. It has a versatile nature, both formal and informal. Drape the softness with the truth and dharma of white color with this elegant jamdani saree.



The green signified fertility and growth: Green brings out prosperity, the beginning of the new life flowing with elegance with the third color in the national flag. Drape the patola saree from the city of Gujarat where the Mahatma started the Independence revolution. Saree is a form of liberation. Let the handloom be the part of your auspicious day with its softness and elegance.


Saree is an emotion to be shared, democracy to be celebrated and an experience to be shared. This Independence day let's celebrate the giving, let's celebrate the saree.

Author : Meghna Dahiya