7 Saree trends on our radar right now

Sarees have been termed as the personification of traditions, heritage and elegance since times immemorial, and it’s these qualities that have made the saree a timeless piece deserving to be in every wardrobe. However, with the changing times, the definitions have started to change, and so have the expectations from a saree. The nine yards of fabric has adapted itself to various trends and has become a fashion statement as well. There are certain trends that stay and certain that fade away; however, a saree emerges redefined in each of them whilst maintaining its own personal sense of identity. Saree trends are influenced by pop culture; we are drawn by what the celebrities are wearing. In fact, even the western red carpets that feature gowns have gone to influence sarees. 

The latest saree trends are all over Instagram and have featured some of the best celebrities reinventing the saree. These trends have trickled down and come to us, and we further adapt these trends to make them functional in our lives. Let’s take a look at some new and timeless saree trends that are in vogue and elevate our wardrobe to the next level:


 this  new  saree trend is one of the best that’s available to  us girls. Gone are the days when we would worry about getting a new blouse stitched or visit the markets for a matching blouse. It’s now time to whip out the devil-may-care attitude and experiment with different color combinations and contrasting blouses and saree. You don’t even have to go far or get a new blouse. If you’ve got a crop top, it can easily be paired with an excellent piece of saree. This trend has truly made wearing sarees an easy affair. In fact, it has asked the wearer to approach the saree from a global perspective where an indigenous clothing item is ingeniously paired with a western fit. So, if you’ve got a saree and a crop top, then it’s time to indulge in this trend. Oversized blouses, too, are becoming common, and they look chic and stylish on the wearer. WeaverStory's Blouses  are excellent pieces that will go well with numerous pieces and hold its stead; the blouses can be combined with  Handloom Batik Sarees. These two separate pieces will create a gorgeous contrast! 

    Handloom Anamika Malkha Block Printed Pure Cotton Blouse

    Experiment with a belt and a saree:

    this saree trend has taken social media by storm, and for a good reason. Gone are the days when you had to handle the saree on your arm or around the waist. With the help of a belt, you can keep it in place and enjoy the occasion. If you’ve got a beautiful saree in your wardrobe that needs some reinventing, then simply whip out a nice belt and cinch it around your waist. This is a great way to style a silhouette and keeps you looking sharp and chic. With a belt, we’ve added an essential piece of accessory to our look, and this styling is a sure shot hit with the crowd. Whether it’s a cotton saree or a Chanderi Silk saree, all of them pair well with a belt. Now. When you go shopping, you can purchase belts that match your sarees. You can experiment with embellished belts, embroidered belts and even thick leather belts. These act like cummerbunds and give an elevated look to the wearer. The Hot Pink Handloom Plain Pure Chanderi Silk Saree With Tissue Border is an exquisite piece that can be styled well with a belt. 




    Sarees and sneakers:

    One of the best items to make a comeback from the 90s decade has to be the white sneakers. Everyone is wearing them and for a good reason! The white sneakers add a playful twist to an elegant saree. From brides to the daily corporate woman, everyone is experimenting with this new look. Sneakers are comfortable and feel easy on the shoes, giving us the freedom to move around. Sarees are always considered elegant, but with the addition of sneakers, we’re claiming the inner child within all of us and proudly presenting it to the world. The sneakers can go with any saree of any weave and color and are a much-needed break from heels. This refreshing take helps us enjoy our weaves even more. Now instead of searching for trending saree designs, simply add a sneaker to the look. The Cream Handloom Pure Silk Kanjivaram Saree With Grey Border will be gorgeous over a pair of white sneakers.  

    Sarees and capes:

    sarees are excellent on their own; however, during winters, one feels the need to add some layers on top. While sweaters and shawls have been the go-to for most women, capes and wraps have now come into fashion. You can wear your choicest saree and neatly place a cape on top of your shoulders.  You can even include coats and blazers to the look. Capes in brocade or satin look lovely over sarees and create a royal look. This thoughtful layering will keep you looking fresh and elegant all throughout the event and take your wardrobe to the next level. Creating a few capes in neutral colors is a great idea as they can be matched with numerous outfits. However, if you’re unable to get a cape or a coat, invest in a high-quality shawl. The Navy Blue Handloom Pure Silk Kanjivaram Saree With Korvai Broad Border can be paired with Handwoven Beige Kani Pala Pure Pashmina Shawl

      Handwoven Beige Kani Pala Pure Pashmina Shawl

      Handloom sarees with oxidized silver jewels:

      while we are always on the lookout for trending sarees for weddings, there is something about wearing a saree on a daily basis as well. Sarees worn daily can be styled in a variety of ways; our mother’s oxidized silver jewellery will create an excellent fashion statement. A cotton saree like Handloom Pure Cotton Plain Sarees with Konia Pallu will match well with boho and trendy silver jewellery.

      Pair your sarees with a corset blouse:

      pair and match your saree adding a modern look to the style. The new trend of draping with spaghetti, or corset blouses is definitely on hype. While choosing an ethnic look with the trendy style during your farewell or any function customize the look with hacks like these. Choose your favourite handcrafted saree from our latest banarasi collection and create your own look by pairing it with a customized blouse. The Yellow Handloom Pure Silk Corset Blouse will definitely match your Banarasi Saree embraced with modern elegance.

      Yellow Handloom Pure Silk Corset Blouse and Handloom Light Pink Kadhwa Booti Pure Katan Silk Banarasi Saree

      Saree with Jacket/ Blazer:

      Pair your saree with a blazer or use it as an external drape to your lehenga, the choice is yours. The exclusive Handloom Beige Chanderi Silk Saree With Silver Zari Floral Motif is your perfect look to be paired with the formal ceremony blazer look. Blaze or jacket in brocade and satin looks amazing on the handcrafted saree. It attains the handloom and ethnic nature of the outfit and delivers the formal yet casual look. The authentic handcrafted saree is a must-have. The trend is evergreen and it never loses its charm. Style your ways out and look glamorous. 

      Handloom Beige Chanderi Silk Saree With Silver Zari Floral Motif

        Sarees are easy to style and adapt well to changing times; at WeaverStory, we have sarees suitable for all occasions, and they can be styled in multiple ways. Whether you’re pairing it with sneakers or with silver jewellery, a saree will find its place and merge perfectly with the trend.

        Author: Uma Shekhawat