Spellbinding Banarasi Sarees: Elegance Draped in the Art of Banarasi Handcrafts

Women with a discerning eye for exquisite handlooms often find themselves preserving Indian heritage handicrafts in their classic wardrobes. With the passing of time and technological advancements in the ever-progressing fashion industry, many people started assuming that the age-old process of handweaving might fall prey to extinction. This, however, cannot be true, as handwoven ensembles have frequently been cherished by a large group of the population from across the world. Even the younger generation has found its heart in sustainable fashion and has begun to invest in more organic, authentic fashion apparel.

The Legacy of a Banarasi Saree

One of the biggest handloom legacies, Banarasi weave, belongs to the holy city of Varanasi. The Banarasi weave finds its traces in mythological texts from thousands of years ago. Most treasured and admired for their unrivalled craftsmanship, unparalleled aesthetic appeal, and supreme level of comfort, these Banarasi weaves have retained their popularity over the years. People from across the globe turn to Banarasi weaves when on a quest for peculiar handlooms they can wear for a multitude of occasions as well as keep for future generations.

Dreamy, timeless, durable—everything about an exquisite  Banarasi Saree makes it an heirloom-worthy handloom. To design and create an extraordinarily appealing pure Banarasi Saree , the expert artisans make use of a variety of techniques, designs, and yarns. Each piece of a Banarasi masterpiece is made using one of the age-old weaving techniques called cutwork, brocade, or kadhwa. A pure Banarasi Saree comes in a variety of fabrics such as tissue, cotton, organza, georgette, and classic silk. While the colour options are limitless, you will often find these exquisite handlooms covered in motifs like floral, Konia, jaal, Shikargah, etc. When these airy, timeless fabrics are covered in motifs made out of gold and silver threads, their aesthetic appeal transforms into something truly extraordinary.

Spellbinding Banarasi Sarees by WeaverStory

WeaverStory cherishes the rich legacy of Banarasi weaving and appreciates the unexampled craftsmanship of the artisans of Banaras. With a keen interest in providing the world with India’s rich heritage handlooms, WeaverStory brings to you some of the finest handcrafted Banarasi sarees you must add to your closet now.

The Bewitching Blue Banarasi

When on the quest for a timeless Banarasi saree that is extraordinarily appealing and keep-worthy enough to treasure for future generations, this navy blue Banarasi saree is destined to be your best bet.


This  classic-contemporary saree is richly decorated with zari work . If you are someone who desires to make a show-stopping entrance at any special occasion coming your way, this supremely elegant drape will prove to be your best companion. You can pair your regal ensemble with diamond studs to enhance its elegance while letting the drape take centre stage.

The Wedding-Worthy Saree

Brides in India often turn to Banarasi sarees for their wedding day. The word "wedding" brings to mind an image of a couple’s eternal, sacred bond taking a step ahead in the journey of life filled with love, care, and compassion. A Banarasi saree brought to you straight from the holy city of Banaras represents the symbolic and special connection of culture, traditions, and the fine craftsmanship of the artisans. This bridal Banarasi saree is a trousseau-worthy saree that will give you the look of your dreams. The resplendent red symbolises love, strength, commitment, and new beginnings, which makes this wedding Banarasi Saree perfect for the bride. Precisely handwoven by the master artisans of Banaras,


this ravishing red Banarasi saree  keeps you hooked to its aesthetic appeal. Walking down the aisle will turn out to be a dreamy experience when draped in its exuberance.

The Ethereal Floral Masterpiece


If you are a woman who is no stranger to turning heads, this  Teal Handloom Pure Katan Silk Banarasi Saree With Meenakari Floral Jaal is the one for you! Regardless of whether you wear it as a slinky cocktail drape or a wedding-worthy traditional six-yard, this saree is destined to steal the show. The pure Katan silk fabric of this saree is richly decorated floral Jaal and delicate zari work. Everything about this Saree is commendable. You can pair this drape with a heavy gold-plated necklace set adorned with multi-colored beads hanging. This saree is perfect for cocktail parties, sangeet ceremonies, and special occasions alike.

The Captivating Purple Banarasi

When your calendar gets flooded with special occasions like your cousin’s wedding reception or perhaps even your friend’s Gatsby-like cocktail party, you are bound to feel the need to bring home an extraordinarily appealing Banarasi saree.


This Purple Banarasi handloom represents the best of both worlds—traditional and contemporary. The Purple katan silk expanse itself is a show-stealer, Master artisans of Banaras have thoughtfully crafted this show-stealing Banarasi saree  While you are hooked on its aesthetic appeal, everyone else around is destined to fall in love with its unrivalled elegance and unexampled craftsmanship. Drape yourself in its grace and be prepared to make a jaw-dropping entrance.

WeaverStory cherishes every bit of the Indian handloom industry and promises to bring you some of its finest crafts that you can dress in for a multitude of special occasions and then keep for future generations. Here you can find the most authentic, extraordinarily appealing handlooms you must add to your stunning saree collection now!

Author: Simran Shaikh