Drapes of Democracy : Smt. Indulekha Haldar

A profound & disciplined, powerful personality of Smt. Indulekha Halder knows no bounds, she is a retired civil servant and has worked with the Ministry of Defence. For her Sarees carry an extensive relevance & she takes us through her experience with her drapes. 

Sarees have almost given me the same kind of confidence that tall people are ascribed with!”

For Smt. Haldar saree is a hassle-free, unique, unstitched piece of masterpiece that is so easy to carry & unfurls so much grace. A saree is full of poise, sophistication, elegance, class & personality which automatically provides a woman with so much confidence.

Because she worked in a high-end bureaucratic setup, which as we know, often translates into a male dominated atmosphere wherein she had to majorly engage with men on a daily basis. In the wake of this, Smt. Halder recalls how draping a Saree would provide her with a certain conviction & confidence, it was almost a psychological uproar that came from the stability & grace that a Saree provides.




She furthers her story & tells us with a glint of pride that she cannot recall any meeting or any event/outing where she didn't adorn a saree. She has a strong relationship with her Sarees, for almost 37 years now since she got married, saree has been her primary attire. I enjoy my Sarees, she mentions this feeling at least thrice in our conversation!

She recalls about the initial traces of saree in her life where she had seen her mother harbor immense affection for her sarees. This affection was so infectious that it seeped into the child’s mind, she furthers the details of this journey & fondlingly reflects upon the memory of her father who would bring home gifts for her mother, usually sarees, more frequently Kanjivaram , which initiated her loved for the intricately woven & zari-work of the Kanjivaram magnificence. On the day of the Interview, Weaver Story unknowingly picked a soft Lavender Kanjivaram piece for Indulekha Ji & turns out it's her favorite silk! 

A saree, she adds, is your constant companion in the regular common household, a saree enables you, empowers you