Drapes Of Democracy : Priti Tripathi

Priti Tripathi shares with us her unique connection with Saree in her life. She is married to an army officer and often attends events & functions in a Saree. Saree holds a unique value in her life & provides her with tremendous confidence. 

Sarees & an Indian girl have a very intimate connection.

Priti wearing a beautiful smile tells us about her story when she used to upcycle her mothers’ Sarees & get other apparels drawn from it. Once she legit asked her mother for a Banarasi Saree that she wanted converted into a lehenga. The connection between her and sarees grew stronger over time & eventually when she got married to an army officer, saree became her constant companion.




Draping a Saree for the longest time has been a hassle. There was this one time, she chuckles & tells us when she had to attend this high-profile party where punctuality was imminent. She wasn't able to drape the Saree, so she started crying, much to her husband’s dismay! But nonetheless, he came to her rescue & stiff-ironed her pleats.

Saree makes me feel beautiful on the inside. When her daughter came of age, she asked if she could borrow her saree for the event. An amazingly proud moment for a mother, she tried to mentor her daughter about the intricacies of draping a saree. Priti is now working as a principal in a special school where she realised her love for psychology & that she was naturally gifted in understanding the underpinnings of this subject. It's a beautiful subject, it helps me draw insights about people which helps me support them better. She envisions the purpose of her life where she is able to raise a discourse around discussing mental illnesses. Explore the traditional collection of handcrafted art at Weaver Story